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virtual personal assistant jobs

Virtual Personal Assistant Jobs

A lot of people use a virtual assistant because they offer healthy alternatives to full-time employees.  Among the best sources of virtual assistants are sites/companies which promote VA’s. One such site is Zirtual.com and provide highly qualified virtual assistants who can perform a wide variety of tasks.

So if you are ready to learn what Zirtual has to offer then here’s what you need to know about virtual personal assistant Jobs!

What is Zirtual?

Zirtual.com is a virtual assistant platform and website that aims to provide all the virtual assistant services needed to focus on the bigger picture. With their dedicated virtual personal assistant jobs, you can carry out a wide variety of tasks for a broad range of clients.

From clerical work and data encoding to the most sensitive administrative and research tasks, Zirtual does provide a comprehensive set of solutions for all kinds of challenges and projects

What Does Virtual Offer?

When a client hires one of Zirtual’s dedicated virtual assistants, they will first need to provide their preferences. These preferences will then be used to assigned the ideal VA to the client, who will then start their work immediately.

Zirtual.com offers fully trained, college educated, U.S. based assistants who are ready for whatever virtual-related tasks their customers have. They are also proficient in Microsoft, Google, and various online tools, as well as several types of administrative tasks.

Furthermore, they are also able to boost productivity whenever possible and perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

– Scheduling
– Legal Support
– HR Related Tasks
– Accounting
– Customer Support
– Team/Staff Management

 Flexibility With Tasks

Additionally, Zirtual’s dedicated virtual assistants can also carry out a lot of research work. Their virtual assistants can help scout talent, identify potential investors, find new office spaces, prepare reports, solicit quotes and identify client prospects.

Other critical services include:

-Streamlining Information Into Inboxes
– Offer Reminders of Important Calls and Meetings
– Track Packages
– Plan Weekends and Special Events
– Coordinate With Clients and Associates
– Set Up Appointments
– Make Purchases 

Despite all of their talents, however, it’s also worth mentioning that Zirtual’s virtual assistants are not all the same. Although they are all competent in the tasks we mention above, some do excel in other skills.  Clients will need to define their preferences, to find a VA who is capable of meeting their standards.

How Does Virtual Work?

Zirtual helps clients find the right virtual assistants based on their preference and needs. When a customer applies for a virtual assistant, their choices put into a database. This along with their history and whatever other details they choose to provide. Customers will be provided the right virtual assistant for their needs.

As for the virtual assistant, he or she will have all the necessary tools to carry out the tasks assigned to them. VA’s are also able to work as a team, so they will be able to work effectively with other team members.

How to Become A Virtual Assistant

On the other hand, if a person wants to become one of Zirtual’s dedicated virtual assistants, he or she will need to undergo a rigorous application process to determine his or her skills and qualifications. A college degree is an essential pre-requisite, but other requirements are also necessary.

Experience in administrative, research, marketing, sales, customer support and even accounting are important factors in becoming a dedicated virtual assistant, so applicants should be proficient in all these areas.

Communication & People Skills

Aside from administrative and research skills, virtual assistants are also expected to meet and socialize with people across various online platforms. People skills are also considered factors with employment. This applies in particular if the client requires the VA to handle sales, marketing, and customer support.

Given that communication in various operations, virtual assistants will need to be proficient at handling communication tools like Skype!

Finally, a virtual personal assistant jobs applicant will need to adapt quickly and perform several types of tasks at once. So aside from the actual works, candidates also need to have excellent time management and multitasking skills.


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