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google mail or yahoo mail

Choosing Between Yahoo Mail and Google Mail

Trying to decide which email provider is best for you can be a tough decision. With so many different options out there, which one will meet your needs? Two of the largest email providers are Yahoo Mail & Google Mail. While both have a lot of great features and are reliable, it can be hard to determine which one is better. In the following article, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of both of these email providers so that you can decide which one would be best for you.

IM And Email Ability 

We are all aware of what IM’ing is thanks to AOL. Both have these capabilities as well, but they are very different. While you can send IM’s through Yahoo, it is somewhat complicated. This is because it’s actually a separate service and not attached directly to email. This means that you can’t quickly send out a chat message to a contact or friend through Yahoo. However, with Google Mail it’s different. You don’t have to open a separate chat bar to send a quick IM to someone. It’s actually fairly easy to start a conversation with the Hangouts option.

Attachment Size

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to upload a large attachment to your email only to find it’s too big. One of the biggest advantages that Google has over Yahoo is that you can upload attachments that are twice as large as those that Yahoo Mail allows. The attachment limit for Yahoo Mail for its free version is 10MB compared to Google Mail’s 20MB. For those that use email a lot for school or work, the ability to be able to upload large attachments can be crucial.

Folder Creation and Organization 

Yahoo Mail has a better system for folder creation and organization. You can label your folders and organize them any way you like. With Google Mail, you can label them how you want, but they are all kept in the same area. So, if you have a lot of folders it can be tricky to try to keep track of them and find them quickly when you need them. For those that have a lot of folders and need a decent organization system for them, Yahoo Mail is a lot better of a choice.

The Credibility 

When many people think about a credible email, Google Mail often comes to mind. Even though Yahoo Mail has been around for a long time, a lot of individuals don’t see it as a great source for getting an email. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s associated with Google or that it’s just easier to use, whatever the reason, Google Mail is considered to be a more professional email to use. This is especially true for those that own a business or correspond with clients. This might not be important to some users, but for others, it can be a deal breaker.

User Interface and Experience

A lot of Yahoo Mail users would argue that it has a cleaner interface than Google Mail. Folders and contacts are a lot more easily accessible. You don’t have to look around to find the compose button, contacts or calendar.

Security Is Important

In this day and age, it’s important to have email security. Google has a two-step verification process. It also sends phone alerts if the password is changed or someone tries to log in from another IP address. Yahoo offers a sign-in seal. Users can also change the automatic sign out frequency. For many people, they see Google Mail as offering a lot more security to its users.

Apps for Both

Apps are a big thing these days. It’s important for many users to be able to access their email through an app that they can download on their phone. These apps often allow users the ability to be notified when they get an email so that they never miss an important message.

Both Yahoo and Google offer an app on Android and iOS. Yahoo Mail offers it’s users a search button above the inbox. Users can also change the background theme. Google Mail has a search button that’s located in the top right corner. There is also a vacation mode that can be set that allows users to send out an auto-response.


Difference Between Yahoo Mail and Gmail by Difference Between



The Almighty Unsend Option

If you’ve ever sent an email in a rush and wish you didn’t send it, an unsend option may be very beneficial. Google does offer an Undo Send feature. A tiny window will be displayed where you can unsend the message. However, after a certain amount of time has passed, this window disappears and sending the message is no longer an option.

Despite the limitations of this feature, it can be beneficial at times. Yahoo does offer its own undo option. No tiny box will come up on the screen. Instead, an undo button will appear at the bottom of your inbox feed for 3 seconds. After that time, it will disappear and you will no longer be able to take back the email message.

Good & Bad

As you can see, there is benefits and disadvantage to using both email providers. However, Google does seem to have more advantages to using it than Yahoo. In reality, though it’s a matter of preference. Some people will like the organizational features of Yahoo Mail better and choose it for that sole purpose while other people might choose Google Mail because they need more storage.

Best Fit for You

Before choosing any email provider, you really need to weigh your options. Chances are neither will be a perfect fit. However, you have to decide what the most important features you need out of an email address are and go from there. One of the benefits of both emails is that they are free.

So, if you try one and don’t like it, you can always create an account with the other email provider and see if the experience is better.

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