The Secrets to Write and Sell eBooks for Passive Income

 Write and sell eBooks


Write and sell eBooks

If you are interested in writing a book and making a profit, you can do so by writing an eBook. Selling virtual copies of an ebook is not only cost efficient, but it will easily allow you to reach a broader audience versus if your ebook was only available in a bookstore. Here’s how to write and sell eBooks.

I ran across a great site of CJ McDaniel CEO of Adazing Book Marketing, which had lots of resources for authors, one I used to make my own eBook cover! Anyways he sent me a pdf “8 Secrets of Successful Authorshope he does not mind me giving away here. Worth the read and visiting his author resource site will make your day!

Come Up With An Idea And Get To Work

The first step before writing any ebook is to come up with an idea. Brainstorm what it is that you want to talk about and what you think will get you the largest audience. Once you have narrowed down your idea, start the writing process. You can write your eBook in a variety of word processing programs on your computer. It may take you several months or even years to write and sell your ebook.

Don’t get discouraged as this is completely normal. It’s better to take your time writing the eBook and producing quality content in the end.

Have Friends And Family Critique Your eBook

After writing your ebook, it’s a good idea to get the opinion of others. Friends and family members can read your eBook and let you know what they think of it. This will allow you to possibly make changes to your ebook before you actually spend money on publishing it.

While it’s not always pleasant to make changes, it’s far better to do it at this point rather than having to revise your ebook once it’s already published.

Decide What Publishing Platform You Want To Use And Publish Your eBook

When it comes to publishing platforms, there are many different ones available. One of the most popular ones is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Amazon will allow you to publish your eBook for free on the Kindle Marketplace. You will get to keep 70% of the profits made on your book.

Other popular eBook publishers include Smashwords and Lulu. Prices do vary with these publishers.

Promote Your eBook

After publishing your eBook you will need to promote it. One of the easiest ways to do so is to post a link to it on your social media pages. Ask your friends and family members to post a link to it as well. You can also let others know about your ebook by creating a Youtube video about it. In the video, you can answer common questions that readers might have about the ebook or talk about the process of how to write and sell ebooks.

Hype Angle

The key is to create hype about your eBook so that readers will actually want to read it. Several weeks before your ebook is available for purchase, promote it with a variety of tweets about it on Twitter or posts about it on Facebook. If you think your eBook could actually make a lot of money if readers know about it, consider hiring a service to promote it for you.

While it will cost you some money out of pocket, the price may be worth it gets people to actually buy your book.

Here is a great link at SmartBlogger where you can find more information about how to write and sell ebooks

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