What is Freelancing About and the Art of Working for Multiple Companies


What is Freelancing About

Introduction: What is Freelancing About

In today’s world of economic disturbances, recessions and job cut people have started to look for an alternate income to support their family. Selecting part-time freelance work or work-from-home options are gaining popularity among people. So we will attempt to tackle what is freelancing about anyway!

Due to the advent of the internet and other web technologies, the opportunity for free agent and part-time work has grown exponentially. Latest reports show that around ten percent of the total workforce in America is pursuing careers as independent contractors.

We have discussed what is freelance and now let’s find below some job opportunities that are popular

A hired gun is a person who takes up jobs performed by a regular employee, but does not work under any employer on a permanent basis. The payment for a free agent is normally calculated based on hour, day of work or project completed. The main reason for choosing a free agent career, would be more convenience and flexibility.They usually do not like the rigidness an normal 9 to 5 offers. You can decide your own work hours and location for your work most of the time.. Some freelancing may also require you to be at the clients location to complete the job.

The earning potential is also equal or sometimes more than the regular employment. The common fields where freelancing is popular are Writing, Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Copywriting, Computer programming, Graphic design, Consulting, and Translating.

If you plan correctly, then you can make wise use of your free time and turn that into a great opportunity.

What is Freelancing About:  Who can do Freelancing?

Lets now look at how you can perform this task.  As long as you can market your skill, there will be work to do!  First, you need to understand your skills clearly. For instance, if you are opting for a writing career, you need good language skills to deliver best results. And understand the basic forms of writing and have some experience with different types of writing.

Freelance professionals need to be more efficient than regular employees are since they need to hunt jobs regularly and handle different type of work environments, which is not required for a regular employee. Understanding client’s requirements, project knowledge, quick and timely delivery will help you to sustain your opportunity. The real asset of any free agent is their working knowledge.

When it comes to money, independent workers have to take some personal care with their finances. Regular employees enjoy health benefits, retirement benefits and other benefits from the company. However, this is not possible as a free agent. In regular employment, the company/employer takes care of your future benefits, but as a contractor, you are responsible for that. You have to plan for the non-work days. Of course reserving some funds is important for all jobs.

We have discussed freelancing and now let’s find below some  job opportunities that are popular.

What is Freelancing About: Some types of freelance Work

Blogging – Online blogs have abundant opportunity for writers. Individuals, celebrities, and businesses maintain their own blogs to share their ideas and views. Sometimes businesses hire a freelancer to help maintain their blogs. The basic duty is to write some innovative articles, Press releases, white papers business documents and reviews about their technology, product or services.

Business research – All businesses need some professional research. It helps them to launch a new program or to understand the market. However, as a freelancer, you can get some part of the research work to do.

Creative writing – is one of the most thriving sectors in freelancing. Businesses need exceptional writers to prepare their sales copy and content writing for websites. Companies want some professional, elegant words to decorate their business and to attract customers. Writing normally involves article writing, grant writing, white papers and technical documents.

Graphic design – Good graphical representation is a key for your business. The design work ranges from simple greeting cards to a complete website. The design industry has more opportunity for contract designers and you can earn more.

Editing/Proofreading – offers more opportunities to the language experts. If you are good at the language and able to review documents, you can reap a good income by proofreading. Leading publishing companies want editors and proofreaders to review books, periodicals, magazines and more.

Web Developers – another thriving market, web developers can earn good money from individuals and businesses that are looking to have a web presence and expand and expand their sales to the online world.

We hope this explains what is freelance and what freelancers do for multiple companies/individuals. If you like “ What is Freelancing About ” Please share!


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