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We always like to highlight people who make money online from home and when we hired tom that was just another great example. Our website was running slow and would not update so we hired an expert from PeoplePerHour. Now things are running smooth thanks to this freelancer, we hope you like the new theme.

Web Design and Development

I personally call them “coders” but web developers do so much more besides just standard code and proprietary software. They can also make money from home in areas like Seo, speed or usability problems. Here at extra-cash-online, we needed a few problems fixed and hiring a pro was the right thing to do.

This blog is what I call a living website meaning we always update and add info to make money online from home. After searching the web awhile you soon see the sites that stay the same or are static, the verse’s the ones that always provide fresh content.

To make a long story short I love plugins but they can cause many problems and that’s why we hired tom to clean up our code from junk left behind!

Tip: Plugins are still awesome – but anytime you can have someone work that into code without a plugin your site will run smoother!

How does Tom Make Money Online from Home

As stated above Tom works over at one of my favorite freelance sites PeoplePerHour, but there are many other freelancer platforms which you can find by just typing “freelance” in our search bar! I picked tom because his price was middle of the road and he was located in the United States, our same time zone.

Both our communication times would be the same. Not to mention being able to call and talk with someone and getting a feel for what they know and can do is a must for me. Anyways here is tom’s bio info for his freelance work online:

Tom P. peopleperhour

I can assist you with your online presence including anything from a complete responsive-design eCommerce website down to tweaking your pages for SEO or debugging your website code.

I have over eight years of website design and development experience. For the the past five years I have worked freelance, and as the sole proprietor of a local web agency doing website design, development and internet marketing.

“Local” websites, optimized for local search, are my specialty. So, if you want to ‘Get found in your town’, I’m your Huckleberry!


Well here is another example of how anyone with a skill that others need can make money online from home and that is what my blog is all about. We will always show you who & how others are making money so you can start the journey a little more informed. Please leave your thought or questions and give tom some social love for helping us out!

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