Non Glamorous Ways To Earn Fast Cash Right Now

earn fast cash now

Short on money and need to earn fast cash now? It can happen to the best of us, no matter how much we stick to a budget or plan ahead! Large expenses like car repairs or medical care can leave us a day late and a dollar short!

These are some quick and not so exciting ways to earn fast cash now in your pocket and hopefully take care of the basic needs when times get tough!


Earn Fast Cash Now:

  1. Donate Plasma – Your first visit takes the longest about 2 hrs, because of the pre-donation physical which includes testing for Hepatitis and HIV, along with questions on your medical history. Compensation can vary from $20.00 to $60.00 dollars depending on the place and visit. Most places will allow you to donate twice per week, which can add up. And you will be helping people with Immunodeficiency Disease’s that depends on plasmaa.
  2. Temp Work – There are many temp agencies that will pay you on a daily basis for work performed. This is an opportunity to work your days off and make real money if you are unable to pick up extra hrs at your regular job. They are also great if you are between jobs and some offer long-term assignments too. Some even use temp staffing companies to get the foot in the door and possibly get offered employment.
  3. Recycle – Most people think about dumpster diving for aluminum cans when they hear the word recycle. But you can also make some quick cash from used appliances and scrap metal. This is when a truck with a trailer comes in real handy. And if you’re handy at fixing stuff, most appliance items you can get dirt cheap, fix and then sell at a profit.
  4. Sell Your Old Electronics – If you do not need the money now and can wait a week website like Gazelle will buy your used cell phones, tablet, computers etc even if broken. And they have a PayPal option for a faster payment solution. So get rid of all those old electronics around the house and make some much needed fast cash.
  5. Medical Studies – Research facilities and Medical schools are always looking for people to participate in their control studies to test future treatment and medications. You will not get rich but if you have the time and meet the criteria the payment can be worth the effort. Here is a good site to learn the basics about research trials.  


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