Virtual Office Assistants Can Earn at Home

 Virtual Office Assistants

 Virtual Office Assistants

Typically Virtual Office Assistants(abbreviated to VA) are self-employed and work from a remote office location –  usually at home. They help companies provide administrative or technical assistance to their clients.

Most have had some real office experience working in a variety of business backgrounds. Now Practical Office Assistants do the same job from home with an Internet connection & phone! Say goodbye to the commute and gas expense for one!

Some Advantages Companies Have Using Virtual Assistants

Because Virtual Office Assistants are self-employed or independent contractors, companies need not worry about benefits, insurance or the worker’s taxes like they do for employees. Also, there is no need to set aside a work area, office supplies or equipment.

Some businesses are even using services like Skype together with Virtual Assistants, to answer the phone like a receptionist without the price of hiring an employee. Virtual Office Assistants can do just about any task from bookkeeping and research to scheduling. Need to hire a Virtual Assistant over 13,000 came up on Linkedin.

Virtual Office Assistant Jobs

From 2008-20012 the need for Virtual Assistant jobs increased 10 fold and only appears to keep climbing. Online sites like Elance, Monster & oDesk can be great places to start your job search. My research showed these job postings going between 10-20 per hr working 15-35 hrs wk.

Virtual Office Assistants work in many industries from medical to marketing taking on the overflow of work for a fraction of what the cost of a new employee, dedicated office space and equipment would entail.

Here is a list of a few more Virtual Assistant Companies:
Not to mention some jobs are only needed for a short term basis. Do you have any Virtual Office Assistant stories? Please let us know about them or how you make money online?
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