Food Delivery Service – How to be an UberEats Driver

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UberEats Driver Food Delivery Service

If you are looking to make some additional money, consider UberEats. This app allows users to order food from some of their favorite restaurants and an UberEats driver picks it up and delivers it to them. Here is some additional information about how to qualify and make money through this service.

Driver Qualifications for Uber:

At least 19 years old

-Create an UberEats vehicle profile

-Have a vehicle that is 1996 or newer

-A driver’s license with a year of driving experience

-Insurance and proof of vehicle registration

-Have the ability to lift around 30 pounds

-A working 12v charger port so you can connect a food bag that will keep the food warm


In the past, you had to qualify to be an UberX driver in order to drive for UberEats as well. However, since this isn’t the case any longer and the vehicle requirements are less stringent than with UberX vehicle requirements, this opens up the Uber driver opportunity for many more individuals.

How It Works

Drivers will have to schedule shifts about a week in advance using a web page that is sent to them by Uber. When it’s time for their shift they will need to sign into their UberEats vehicle profile and arrive at the distribution center to pick up a customer’s food and then deliver it. They can also receive food requests through their Uber app.

Pay For Drivers

Just like with Uber, the pay can vary. Drivers will receive $3 per delivery. However, since there is no in-app tipping, unsolicited tips can be accepted. It’s important to note that you can’t drive for both UberX and UberEats at the same time even though you could make a lot more money this way.

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Other Things To Consider

The UberEats driver requires more of a commitment than UberX. You can’t just sign in and out like you can with UberX. This will require you to plan your schedule ahead of time and to take into consideration when you will be available the following week. However, some markets are becoming available that don’t require scheduling, but this is not the norm.

If you live in a large city and are concerned about having to work all over, don’t be. You will only work in a specific area of your city. This will allow both you and the service to be more efficient overall. Remember, just because you sign up for a shift it doesn’t mean that you’ll actually get to work.

Uber Food Delivery

As UberEats gains popularity this will probably change, though. If you are selected to work, you will receive a text message approximately 24 hours before your shift begins. The message will contain the location where you will be picking up the user’s food and what time you will need to arrive there. Then confirm you’ve received the text message or your shift will be given to someone else. Once you actually arrive at the distribution center you will have to check in with your email address that you sign in with for your Uber account.

Uber food delivery can be a pretty good choice for those who like to drive, but not hassle with rude or intoxicated passengers. My experience side-hustling for a yellow cab service during the bar hours was not always a blast, so UberEats driver food delivery service would be right down my alley!

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