How to Sell on eBay Tips to Stand Above Competition

Tips Learning How to Sell on eBay

Learning How to Sell On eBay

Nowadays, it is much easier to log in on the World Wide Web to sell items we no longer need or want. Selling can be done with eBay, but not everyone knows how to sell on eBay. There are three commonly known steps for how to sell on eBay.

Firstly, get it listed and make sure to add pictures; secondly, as soon as the items are mark paid, be sure to get it shipped; and finally, you have to get paid! It sounds very simple, but there are some intricate details to be aware of in the first step when learning how to sell on eBay.

Getting Started

In the first and most crucial step of how to sell on eBay, getting the item listed, it is important to be as detailed and accurate as possible. If a customer feels even a little uncertain about the item to buy, chances are they will look elsewhere.

How to Sell on eBay Tip – Clear Images of product

Another critical aspect of this step in how to sell on eBay is the pictures. Everyone loves pictures! Customers are drawn to items that are listed with pictures that are clear and close up. After being sure to get all of the details added and getting a nice set of pictures uploaded, it is time to decide in which format the item will be listed.

Two Types of Selling Formats

In how to sell on eBay, this is pertinent to know and understand. If you choose the auction format, be sure to price the item based on its value, not on what you think you might be able to get for it. 

eBay also has a “Buy It Now” option, With this option, you can enter a set price that you would like to market the item. You can also choose how long you would like the listing to run, different fonts and colors for the item description to make your piece stand out, as well as the option to have your listing in bold so that customers are quickly drawn to it during the item search process.

Type of Shipping for Item

The last significant detail of the first step in how to sell on eBay is how the item is going to be shipped. There are many different options to choose from in this aspect. You can offer free shipping and choose a service that works best for you or you, can pick for the customer to pay for the shipping costs and provide a variety of services from First Class Mail to overnight delivery.

Great Feedback – Crucial in Learning How to Sell on eBay

Besides how the item is presented, customers take into consideration many other criteria before deciding to purchase. Outside of the listing process, your feedback rating and score are also critical to understand when learning how to sell on eBay. Every time you sell an item, the customer has the option to leave a review. To ensure you keep a positive rating, be sure to provide the best customer service possible.

Professional Profile

Another key aspect of how to sell on eBay is your profile! Let the customers “see” who they will be doing business with by adding your profile picture and some information about yourself. Doing so will make the client less on edge and more comfortable when buying from you. 


You need to be fully aware and understand the costs when learning how to sell on eBay. Most of the time, your listings are free, but there are some instances when eBay will charge you for your listing. Adding extra pictures will be more fees.

Base Fees

In how to sell on eBay, know that you will be charged a final sale fee of ten percent of the value of the item after your listing has sold. eBay also offers the option of adding a subtitle to your listing; this costs an additional $0.50.

Listing Upgrade Fees

To have your listing in bold in the search process, eBay will charge you $2. eBay also offers a broad range of themes you can choose from to help spruce up your listings and decorate the listing page that only cost $0.10 to add.

Other Optional Fees

A few other features that can drive your listing cost include using the Buy It Now feature, setting a reserve price, having scheduled listings, and timing. Timing is very crucial in how to sell on eBay. A standard listing lasts seven days; however, you can change how long the listing will run from 3 days to up to 30 days. If you choose to run a listing for more than seven days, eBay charges for the extra days.

Words of Advice

In learning, how to sell on eBay, there are a few options that will make it a little easier.

  • First, try using a template. If you plan on selling many items of the same category, you can save a model of the listing to be used again later, so you do not have to keep restarting the listing process.
  • Second, make sure you have a valid and verified PayPal account. eBay uses PayPal to send out payments and receive payments. Also, sales are known to be higher for those who accept PayPal in their listings.
  • Also, work towards becoming a Power Seller. Which is achieved when you sell $3,000 of your product, over 100 transactions annually, and having a feedback score of 98% or higher.
  • Finally, eBay’s busiest day is known to be Sunday, so always be sure that your listing starts on Sunday or runs through Sunday.

This will ensure the most views and a better chance of selling. Knowing how to sell on eBay can be very beneficial and rewarding if you know how to do it right. I hope this information was helpful and shows the enormous importance of paying attention to the little details.   Do not just sell your items – knowing how to sell on eBay can make your items sell so much more & faster!

If you know someone that can use a little help with selling on eBay share this with them!

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