The Best Laptop for Small Business 2017

best laptop for small business

The Best Laptop for Small Business 2017

Small businesses have unique computer needs that often differ significantly from both those of the regular consumer and larger firms. Ultimately the best laptop for small business needs will depend on the particular business. The best laptop for one business may be entirely unsuited to another business. 

Best Options for your Small Business

Before browsing the available options, and there are certainly many, take a moment to make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish with your laptop. Will you be doing heavy photo editing or graphics intensive work? Are you primarily looking to do word processing tasks? Consider how important portability is for you and any employees.

If you intend to do a significant amount of work off-site, a lightweight laptop will be much more convenient. Another consideration is whether or not you or any employees will need to make use of accessibility features.

Having a clear picture of what you need the laptop to will ensure you are investing your money well. 

Best Laptop for Small Business

Spending several thousand dollars on a top of the line laptop is easy, but as a small business, you will want to be sure you are budgeting wisely. If your primary needs are the first laptop for word processing and access to the internet you can find a functional laptop for under $500. For this purpose, you will want to look at laptops such as the HP Chromebook 13 G1.

Besides the attractive price point, you will also appreciate the compact size and low weight. One consideration is that the internal storage is limited, so you will want to make sure you are comfortable using cloud storage or other forms of external storage. When considering using a Chromebook, make sure you do not have any programs that require Windows to run as Chromebooks use a special operating system called Chrome OS.

Asus also offers a solid line of laptops that run Windows 10 under $500 as well.

More Specs and Options to Consider

If you are looking to have laptops for a photo or video editing, then things will get a little more expensive. Photo editing software, like Photoshop, requires heartier system specs than word processors do, and so a laptop designed with photo editing in mind is going to have better hardware. For instance, Asus offers a laptop with a 15.6” Touch IPS 4K HD display, an Intel Skylake Core i7-6700 Quad-core CPU, a NVidia GTX960 graphics card, 16 GB of DDR4 memory, and a 512 GB solid state drive for storage all for $1,449.62 on Amazon.

Some photo editing businesses prefer to use Apple’s line of MacBook’s for their photo editing needs. MacBook’s can also be very expensive. A similar MacBook to the Asus laptop mentioned earlier starts at about $2,399.

MacBook’s also have given access to Apples OSX and software that is exclusive to that operating system may be beneficial to your business. 

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Laptops vs. Desktop Computers

There are many advantages to having laptops for your small business as opposed to using desktop computers. Laptops are much quicker and easier to set up and take up less space than a desktop computer. With a laptop, you have everything you would need to get to work right in the machine, whereas with a desktop you will also need to set up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to be able to get started on work.

Laptops are portable, and manufacturers have been spending a lot of time and resources in making laptops lighter and less burdensome to travel with if the need to go arises. The heaviest standard MacBook Pro only weighs about four and a half pounds.

Desktop computers are very much not portable in the same way as a laptop, and traveling with a desktop is just not feasible!

Storage vs. Specific Task Needs

Some small businesses have begun to use tablets instead of computers for their needs. While this is an excellent idea if one needs a device to act as a cash register or for some particular task, laptops are much more capable of handling the workload of a small business.

With a laptop, you can upgrade the system storage if the need arises, or easily connect and use an external storage device to backup files.

Many programs that small businesses rely on are only usable on Windows or Mac OSX and cannot run on tablet operating systems. Word processing can also be difficult on a tablet if an external keyboard is not used as some find touchscreen keyboards to not be as responsive like physical keyboards found on laptops. 

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Personal and Business Computer Sharing Conflicts

Some people might be tempted just to bring in their laptop to be used with their business. While this might save money by one not having to purchase a laptop computer for their business, this can also open up other conflicts. Keeping your business documents on your notebook at home can run the risk files or outright deleting them.

Also, the software you use for your personal computing may conflict with your business software and cause problems for both work and personal computer time.

Some may also find themselves tempted to take a few minutes away from work for a bit of web surfing, which can be a productivity killer!

Best Laptop for Small Business

To reiterate a previous point, finding the perfect laptop is not as simple as going to Google and typing “best small business laptop.” To find the best laptop for your small business needs, you need to figure out why you will be using the laptop.  Research prices, hardware specifications, and manufacturers to find the laptop that can best suit you and your business’ needs.

A business that needs a laptop for basic word processing, email, and internet browsing will not need to spend thousands on a brand-new MacBook Pro, and a business needing a laptop for a photo or video editing will not get much use out of a $400 Lenovo notebook.

Understanding what your business needs out of the laptop or laptops should be the first step in figuring out what laptop can be considered the perfect laptop for your business. 

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