Do You Have The Skills to become a Website Tester?

 become a Website Tester

Become a Website Tester

Found another online freelance job opportunity while surfing the net, a website tester! Testing the usability of websites and giving your feedback to a few questions at the end, how hard can that be?

But the credit for finding this job goes to an awesome website called Work at Home Adventures by Miranda Grimm 

 Give her a visit it’s well worth your time, Miranda has lots of great work at home ideas and advice.

Some Skills Needed

If you are good at giving your opinion, can convey your thoughts out-loud and speak with clarity, then being a website tester could be a walk in the park or not in my case!

I must say that blogging on this website for almost two years now, and probably having reviewed thousands of sites – the short sample test was not easy for me. Had to take a couple of dry runs to make this website tester gig even close to coherent enough to understand. My 6-year-old Asia is a different story – No Fear!

But what does not kill you makes you stronger right? The skills can be mastered with some practice. This online adventure re-enforced what is already known – public speaking is not my strong point – but watch out World I am practicing….

Who Can become a Website Tester?

Anyone with a computer that has a  microphone and an internet connection can give it a shot at being a website tester! I would suggest a few dry runs before you do the sample test because I do not know if once submitted you can get another chance.


You may or may not have to download a plugin, that depends on the site you’re applying on. All they will see is the website you are testing, your mouse moves & hear your voice explaining your thoughts about the website your reviewing.


What is a Website Tester?

Does not matter if you’re a website designer, developer, entrepreneur or blogger like me, we all want to know just what experience our visitors are having. Can they easily navigate around the site or have roadblocks that might cause them to leave? User experience is everything – bad time = not stay long and never come back…

That’s where a website tester comes into play and can give a constructive criticism about what is not working from a customer point of view. Getting around a site and finding what you need is crucial or you will leave, right?

The average pay seems to be around $10.00 for about 15-20 minutes of your time. Doing testing on your mobile device pays more at around $15.00. But the testing is not always just a website, could be a game or app. 

Where Can You become a Website Tester?

Here are some sites we found searching Google and we were surprised at the few available online. But we have seen this task promoted on micro job sites like Fiverr.


Why be a Website Tester?

Like we said before please do not quit your day job to be a website tester.With the few sites we found and competition online, we would join multiple sites and hope for the best. As with any freelance opportunity online keep it in your bag of multiple hats –  not your only main job! If you are a stay at home parent or even a student this could pay a few bills.

If you want to become a website tester we hope this article was of some help. Take care and help us share!


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