Secret Shopper Job Opportunities – Secret Shopper Companies

 Secret Shopper Job Opportunities - Secret Shopper Companies

Secret Shopper Job Opportunities 

The mystery shopper has been around since the early 1940’s & by many industries from retail to car dealerships. Companies can use the information gathered to see how their employee’s measure up with the quality of service, honesty or even regulation compliance. Let’s see if being a mystery buyer is for you!


So What Does a Mystery Shopper Do?

A mystery shopper will pose as a customer and go to a specific establishment and evaluate the goods or services received.  This could be a restaurant, retail store or even a bank. The knowledge they bring back helps companies improve their customer experience and training programs for their employee.

The money you are asked to spend on meals, products or services is reimbursed plus your money for the assignment. While working these secret shopper job opportunities,  you are working as an independent contractor and as such, each job assignment and pay varies.

Attention to detail plus good communication skills both written and verbal are a must. When finished with the job you will be expected to fill out an accurate fact based report or questionnaire!


 Companies That Have Secret Shopper Job Opportunities

A company, trade groups or market research firm may hire your services. Many companies do not advertise for the term” mystery shopper”, but instead use terms like assessor, evaluator, analyst or even business development associate. Keep that in mind when searching online.

Also, I have heard that being MSPA Certified can help you get jobs over someone that’s not, but not verified. Shows companies that you are serious about the work.

  Being a Mystery Shopper you may be asked to evaluate a business online or over the phone.

What are the Benefits

  • Usually part-time so can be worked around another job or schedule if needed
  • Flexible Hours which would work well for students(set your own schedule)
  • Get paid to eat & shop for free

What are the Basics Needed:

  • Computer with the Internet
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Remembering Small Details
  • Like Mixing with Other People


Here are a few sites to get Started as a Mystery Shopper:

  1. Second to None
  2. Market Force
  3. Best Mark
  4. About Face
  5. A Closer Look


As with anything beware of scams and do your homework before committing. If it sounds too good to be true it is! Let us know what you think about our post “Secret Shopper Job Opportunities – Secret Shopper Companies” would you do it? Let us know below!

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