Where to find Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs


Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Search engine evaluator jobs seekers can help the big search engines like  Bing, Google & Yahoo give the end-user the accurate/useful information they are surfing the net trying to find! With all the Algorithmic changes, it is nice to know a human part still plays a little role with all the madness!

Search engine evaluator will type words or phrases into the search bar and evaluate the outcome good, bad, relevant or spam etc..

Search Engine Agent Jobs

Most of the jobs tend to be true Freelance positions and you are considered an independent contractor, which means it is your business and you are the boss. At a minimum you will need a computer and the Internet, a home office setting would be ideal.

All business expenses from the computer equipment to services & materials are covered by you. All applicants are required to complete a registration process and an online qualification exam, then you can start generating revenue! The whole pre-approval is said to average about 14 days.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs by Josh and Kali | The Freedom Theory

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Pay, Hours & Experience Requirements

To start out you have to be 18 or more and like researching the Internet. From what I have been able to research the pay is between $13-$15 /hour, which is far better than flipping burgers.

The hours are bout 20-25 a week and very flexible, which makes the work ideal for students or stay at home mothers wanting to bring in some money for the household. The hours are not set in stone so you can stop and start at your pace.

Experience requirements are minimal to none, but as stated before you will have to pass a qualification exam and the work will require completion within a certain time period! So a little motivation, being a self-starter & time management are skills I would want to learn!

Search Engine Evaluator Companies:

  1. Appen Butler Hill

  2. Lionbridge

  3. Leapforce



Search Engine Evaluator Jobs may not be for everyone and perfect for others will all depend on your income needed and hours available, not to mention your self-discipline to be your own boss and work from home. As always do your homework before you leap and remember a legit company will never ask you to pay up front for a job, with the exception of a background check.

Here are some other names a search engine evaluator jobs may be known as ( search evaluator, Internet assessor, ads quality rater & Internet judge)

Please leave your thoughts about this online job opportunity and do not be shy!

Have a great day on purpose!

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