Rent My Car With Turo to Generate Income

rent my car

Rent My Car with Turo

This will be short today, but the girls wanted to let you know about a way to rent my car with Turo. This makes a lot of sense for someone who has an extra ride they do not use or even a main vehicle that just sits in the driveway.

We want to rent out our ride this summer, what do you think? On the flip side, this sire also offer the ability to rent someone’s car only make sense right! Right now Turo is in 4500 cities and 300 airports. I could see this come in real handy at airports with no rental car service.


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Turo has car owners backs, with renter screening and One Million liability insurance. Plus renters insurance coverage with 24/7 roadside assistance. Making it easy to rent out your car. Pretty much a win-win for all involved.


Rent Out Your Car With Turo to Generate Income


Like most of my posts, this is short and sweet. We like peer-to-peer business models because the power gets put in the hands of both you and me, which lowers cost for all. They also have an app. to rent my car for iPhone or android devices, that makes things easy! Have you used Turo? if so lets us know about your experience below.

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