Part Time Student Jobs to Earn on the Side


Part Time Student Jobs to Earn on the Side

Part Time Student Jobs

It is not very hard to earn money for students. People claim it is tough because it can be difficult to earn a “lot” of money as a student. But, there are always small jobs that need doing that other full-time working adults are not too keen on doing. Here are ten ways a student can easily earn a bit of money.

1 -Part-time student jobs of no more than 16 hours per week

Work more than 16 hours per week and it will interfere with your studies. The truth is that 16 hours per week is going to interfere with your studies anyway, but it is manageable in most cases. There are lots of part-time jobs, but there are a lot of scholar rushing to get them too.

If you do not get a job right away, then keep applying because students are notorious for getting jobs and quitting within a few weeks.

2 – Be the seller on campus

Undergrads need money, so you buy up the stuff they want to sell such as games consoles, and then you sell them on eBay for a profit. They are desperate for money and are silly enough to sell their stuff. All you do it give them the money they want and make a profit on the Internet.

3 – Sell your photographs on photo marketplaces

There are plenty of them online, with one or two really good ones that draw in enough traffic to make putting your photographs on online worth the effort.

4 – Be a pet walker or pet sitter

Pet walkers are always in demand, especially during the winter when people do not want to go out. Pet sitting is a harder job to get, but if you have your own place where you may take the pets then a few well-placed adverts can have work coming your way very quickly.

5 – Offer cheap home cleaning services

The key to this is to make it very clear in your ad that you are a student just looking for 3 hours cleaning work that you can squeeze between your studies. You can mention that you are cash strapped if you think it will help, but it may come across that you have sticky fingers if you do.

The idea of a cleaner is alien to most people until they see they can hire a student for $30-$35 for 3 hours when suddenly they see how easy their life could become if they do not have to do their own cleaning.

6 – Make things to sell on eBay

This is one of the most difficult things you can do because most of the stuff that people makes does not sell online. But, there are sometimes exceptions. One student made roses out of black leather and sold them for three years through university in Britain.

If you are clever enough to find a product you can both make and that will sell, then you can earn a nice amount of money from your own dorm room.

7 – Sell your blood, sperm or eggs

It sounds tacky, but it is going to get you a few extra books and it is not as if there is a lot of work involved. This sort of thing is up to you, but it is an option there if you need it.

8 – Buy old things and refurbish to sell 

It is not as difficult as it sounds. An old cabinet made from wood can have the nicks sanded off, the old varnish sanded off and may then be stained and varnished to look as good as new. Old screws can be replaced and hinges can be polished or replaced. People do this sort of thing all the time with lots of stuff.

There are probably students in your dorm right now that are refurbishing old computers and selling them on.

9 – Offer a service on Fiverr

Yes, it is only going to get you $5, but there are some members that claim Fiverr is the lifeblood of their freelance business, so there may be something in it. Plus would be perfect for any part-time student jobs list!

10 – Be the babysitter or house sitter

Parents find it really difficult to hire babysitters and some kids even hold their parents to ransom by threatening a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums in front of babysitting family members. To avoid embarrassment the parents want a responsible student to babysit instead of having family or friends see their child act out.

That is where you can come in. Plus, no matter how badly the child plays up, you must tell the parent that the child behaved (unless there is house damage). This will ensure you are booked again and will ensure you get more referrals to other parents.

Tell the parents that the child was a terror, and the parents will not go out as much, plus in the back of their mind, they will blame you for not being able to look after the child properly.

These are not your run of the mill part time student jobs, but who wants an ordinary gig!

kiara halligan
This guest post is written by Kiara Halligan. She is a part of a team of experienced writers, that provides students with quality essays which help them improve their writing skills
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