Paid Clinical Trials are they worth the effort?

Paid Clinical Trials


Paid clinical trials might be your answer to keep those bills paid when between jobs. Having participated in a few myself and met many who do this every chance they get, being a healthy study patient is not too bad!

Types of paid clinical trials

There are two different types of studies volunteer and paid, so make sure you are enrolling in the one you want. Then those studies can be for healthy persons or someone that already has a medical condition. Every study has different criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for the study.

One popular place to look is at clinical trials a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. We used the map feature to find studies in the united states since they have studies worldwide!

How to find paid medical trials

We already showed you one of our favorite places above, but there are much more online and your newspaper too. Another great place is your local university where the greatest minds need your participation in many fields. We are lucky to have 3 big schools within short driving distance.

When the medical trial does not bring in enough people, they do advertise the “old fashion way” local newspapers! That’s how I found my first one years ago when traveling the united states for fun and needed more nomad funds. The study was at the local university and paid $1200 per week for two weeks worth of my time.


How to Become Involved in Medical Research Studies Video


Getting paid clinical trials

The clinical studies can pay on a daily basis or set amount for the whole time, everyone is different and needs to be understood from day one. Doing a quick google search we found some on Backpage that pay between $95-$250 per day, not bad when you are out of work and need the cash!

Some studies you come back daily and others you may have to stay for any extended time, which worked in my favor when traveling. Not all these studies are long or overnight for example, we found one on Craigslist that paid $150 for 2 hrs and a $25.00 referral fee-sweet.


Paid clinical trials will not get you rich, but if you got the time and need the money- this could be a great way to help research and get paid too!

NASA will pay $18,000 to stay in bed!


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