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Freelance Job Website

As we have stated in the past if you are skilled at any online virtual task, you can make a profit doing freelance jobs! But what company you decide to work with can make all the difference not only in your experience but income too.


This is our story and experience with PeoplePerHour a U.K. Freelance Workforce Marketplace.


Our Freelance Job Website Search

No, we were not offering our skills this time but were looking for a freelancer that could give us tips and speed up our site. Our site was downloading a little slow, degrading our user experience. Who likes slow sites - we do not! So we searched for an expert we could afford, after all, it's almost Christmas time and we had to think about our expenses.


Where We Don't Look

Now when you need big freelance jobs done you can not usually go to the micro-job sites like Fiverr they offer a lot of great gigs starting at $5 but we keep our bigger tasks for the excellent talent at the freelance hubs.

 Freelancer We Found

We happened to find Sachin at PeoplePerHour by accident while surfing the web and were very surprised with his helpfulness. Sachin touts himself as a Web Designer and eCommerce Specialist but helped us a whole lot more getting through our speed issue.

 We love plugins and went a little overboard. Many Thanks, Sachin!

But what we really liked was the ease of using the site, and being able to find a freelancer we were comfortable working with. Giving out our top-secret site information to a stranger can make you think twice! HAHA


Get Work Done By Talented People Like Sachin


Freelance Job Website Hub We Like

This freelance jobs hub was easy for us to navigate, setup our job request and get almost immediate responses from some more than qualified freelance workers. They were all willing to take the time to explain everything and work with our particular needs.

We also liked the transparent feedback the site had, and that can go a long way in making an informed decision about using a particular freelancer. We must have turned down at least  5 well-qualified freelancers before going with Sachin.




The End

Well, that was our outsourcing story, sorting through a freelance job website and using the virtual workforce to get a task completed. Hope you like the speed of our site and if not maybe the freelancer Sachin will come back and give us another helping hand.

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