My Wealthy Affiliate Program Experience – Yeap The Community Is Real

MY Wealthy Affiliate Experience

My Wealthy Affiliate Experience

It all began about 3 years ago with my Wealthy Affiliate Experience. We checked out the website, joined the free account and then never returned.

Well, we got distracted (building our online store). Hindsight 20/20 we should have dropped the store project for awhile and most of all stayed to soak up the knowledge.

I had no experience online at the time and badly needed the support/training a real entrepreneur community could provide, just didn’t know it!  d:-0

MY Wealthy Affiliate Review

What I like the best about this community are the live video classes! Plus the ability to go back and see the ones missed. The topics are just what anyone would need to run an online business and consequently up to date with Google!

WA has many ways to learn from classrooms, certification courses, video training, and the live video classes as stated above! I find myself doing a lot of refresher learning, but the right way this time.

How Do You Know This Community Is Not A Scam?

#1– Simple do the research, this internet marketing, and business training platform has been around since 2005. my wealthy affiliateWealthy Affiliate does add value and truly help someone grow their own business. The proof! They are a multi-million dollar enterprise.

#2– Go inside and look around, are there any conversations going on? Are people helping others get something done? What can you personally learn from the training etc?

I have learned a few good tricks & tips just by using the Live Chat. Also in the forum with over 500,000 posts/topics has saved my bacon a few times, a research tool used often.

#3  Co-owners Kyle & Carson believe in their product enough to let anyone come in for free, look around, and learn a little at no charge. Heck, they even give you two free websites they host, so you can apply the techniques taught! This transparency sealed the deal for us….

Conclusion: WA COMMUNITY

Well, that’s all of the pretty pictures and sweet talk from me today – if you are looking for a great affiliate & business community to learn the right way, then get your ass over to this site!

Time to do your homework right

Just sign up for a free account and hence take your time much to consume.

Now you know my Wealthy Affiliate Experience more success to come!



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