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Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical Transcription at Home

If you are looking for one of the fastest growing home-based professions in the country, then  Medical Transcription Jobs could be a possibility! If you are handy with typing(75 wpm) and like proofreading documents you are already ahead of the training curve.


What is a Medical Transcription Job?

After a patient sees a doctor, the whole visit is usually recorded in voice by the doctor and sent to   Medicine Transcriptionist. Then the Medical Transcription worker simply listens to these voice recordings and type them into words for the patient’s medical history file.

Most home Medical Transcription jobs would like you to have a minimum of 3 years in a hospital or physician’s office first before you can work at home! But requirements like that get thrown out the window when positions need to be filled!


Medical Transcription Jobs at Home – Pay

The pay range is from $27,000 to $46,200 depending on which part of the medical industry worked(business support, hospital, physician or laboratory). Not too bad for a non-degree job!

You have the opportunity to work with hospitals, physicians, laboratories, medical support business or self-employed. Medical transcription work can be done from home with the flexibility in determining your own work schedules!


Medical Transcription Education

This is a non-degree profession and certification is not required, but you will need to know medical terminology, anatomy, and word processing software etc. Most jobs researched by me required a certification and that can be done online, vocational school or community college.



Medical Transcription Jobs from Home Job Links:

Medical Transcription jobs seem to be all over the Internet and remember Transcription jobs are in other fields like insurance, legal and financial too! Take care and have a great day on purpose!

Please let us know any experience you have with medical transcription jobs from home! 


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