How to make money cleaning windows

make money cleaning windows

Make Money Cleaning Windows

Most of us do not think about window cleaning, until well you can not see through the glass. Learning how to earn a living cleaning glass could bank you some clean cash in your bank account!

Start your Window Washing Business

So many windows so little time, everywhere we see are glass windows. Lots of opportunities to get window cleaning work to make a few bucks or maybe your glass cleaning business!

I could easily see how this task could be up to who knows what size and income. But first you need a plan and here is a great article we found on how to start your window cleaning company and make money cleaning windows!


How to Make Money Cleaning Windows

Like all other entrepreneurial ventures, that all depends on your ability and hard work with the squeegee. This economics major from Chicago Alexander Tzamburakis, saw the need for window washing and now makes over $125,00 per year bidding on his jobs. 

Cleaning windows can be probably one of the cheapest and quickest business starting opportunity as it gets. I had the chance to help a friend out who cleaned new construction and local strip mall store windows. All we had was a bucket, cleaning solution and a squeegee with long pole attachments – that’s it!

Watch This guy make money cleaning windows


That’s it for how to earn money cleaning windows; I have many other “honey do” tasks around the house. And I can always squeaky clean a few windows around the house. It’s a beautiful day and being outside is a good thing!

I hope this helps you with your window washing business and hey check out these window washing superheroes! They might give you a whole new perspective on making money cleaning windows. 

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