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Freelance Work From From Home – Our Story

The significant loss of my wife to cancer has changed the girls and me forever and therefore educated me on the importance of spending quality time with family. Putting in the long hours of OT(overtime) away from home was not an option for this single dad.

Staying home and looking for money opportunities started this freelance work from home blog!

Finding ways to make money online and some side freelance opportunities seemed like a start. After searching all over the internet and asking friends for solutions and finding few –  I started this freelance resource blog. Finding ways to earn from home online & around our town, has sparked a passion and WE HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK! 

The fun part is including my family in the life lessons about Money, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship  – not to mention hard work and side hustle!

Extra-Cash-Online has grown and added a few more topics, but we try to stay close to our core of finding employment at home. We screen all outbound links to provide only legit ways to earn income. But please you will still have to do your homework and access what skills and time needed to succeed. The only guarantees I know about are death and taxes!

No, we are not millionaires, and I still work for the best airline in the world.  I hope all this side hustle pays off when it’s time for my girl’s college; the cost is not getting any cheaper!

Our  Freelance Work From Home Resource Blog

This blog is simply a journal of the work I do from home(side hustle) and opportunities that the girls find. We want to share all the legit home opportunities we discover.


For 2017 we have added a cleaner theme with search bar (top right sidebar) for faster on-site topic searches. You will not see any advertisement in our posts. So please help us keep the lights on and give a little social love if the article gives value!


We hope what we share adds real value you can use! Remember please do your homework as some work from home opportunities are scams. The old saying ” if it sounds too good to be true – use extreme caution!”


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary  Vince Lombardi 

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone Neale Donald Walsch

Nothing will work unless you do  Maya Angelou




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