earn cash while giving someone a ride!

Lyft com Driver Service

Awhile back, the girls found a website that allows renting out your vehicle to earn some extra cash. Which we thought was a great way to make some bucks on your ride or extra vehicle while not in use. The option works for some people, but maybe not others that would prefer not loaning out their baby to strangers.


This is another awesome site called Lyft, but this time you use your car to do the driving! Person 2 person rides with both parties benefiting from the transaction. Do you like to drive and know your area well? Check out the undercover series they are funny!

Undercover Series Funny!

Become a Lyft driver


If you need a ride and are game to try a different approach from the usual taxi options then try this on-demand rideshare. And yes they have an app. that not only finds a ride but allows you to pay the driver. We like not having to carry cash with us and doing everything through the phone app. Also, they do not just let anyone be a driver, they have to go through background checks and other qualifications see below:

  • Criminal background checks
  • DMV checks
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Excess liability insurance
  • Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • Star rating system

Lyft Rideshare Rocks

We think is one heck of an idea and they go overboard to make sure the experience is safe for both driver and rider. But do not take our word find out for yourself. They have a help link we have put below that will answer all your questions or get support. Oh, we almost forgot they have a rewards program that allows anyone to try Lyft com for free the first time.



Now all that said do your homework first as we have always said from day one here. There could be certain liability issues that need to be cleared up with your insurance company while giving rides for pay. Have you used lyft? If so tell us your experience!

Give us a quick share if you got the time-much thanks and have a great day by design!

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