Do You Know The Best SEO Reporting Software Plugin Hands Down? SEO Reporting Software plugin

Best SEO Reporting Software Plugin

When it comes to powering WordPress blogs, plugins make my life better, by not worrying about all the technical coding stuff right! has the best SEO reporting software plugin on the planet, in my opinion, and I plan on showing you why later.

But first, let me tell you about Floren Muresan the “Romanian Rocket” founder and CEO of! Florin and his team are truly driven to develop software that helps WordPress get perfect Search Engine Optimization. They understand most of us are not optimizing experts and need help writing content readable to humans, plus loved by search crawlers or bots.

What is the Best SEO Software Plugin

I have tried all of the popular free plugins like Yoast, All in one, Ultimate etc over the past 5 years and they are great free plugins. But Squirrly keeps me coming back, because of all the features that keep getting better and the excellent support team. Florin never stops improving this product and that’s why hands down we think it’s the Best SEO Reporting Software Plugin.

“SEO Plugin By Squirrly is for the NON-SEO experts. Get Excellent SEO with Better Content, Ranking, and Analytics. For Both Humans and Search Bots”

Best SEO Ranking Software

Besides the fact, Squirrly get my articles ranked they have a performance analytics page to keep track of all my articles and how they are doing with Google ranking in over 120 counties. Just so many features, I hope florin does not get upset with me for not mentioning all!

You can check that out when you try the plugin, they have a two-week free trial of the full version, not some half-baked teaser.

Best SEO Analysis Software Plugin

Another cool feature just within the analytics also keep track of social shares, traffic, power score, and gives tips on how to get better rankings. Hey free plugins are nice I use many here, but you get what you pay for or don’t pay right! 

Need to find keywords that rank?

 Oh, almost forgot here is the screenshot of my article performance page, hitting the green tab will show you the other options like social shares and improvement tips etc.

squirrly seo plugin performance analytics

Best SEO Optimization Software

I could write all day, about, in my opinion, is the best  SEO reporting software plugin. So I will only talk about one more feature, the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant. This gem is what guides you into writing search engine optimization content.

In a nutshell, works off the red light green light principle. When 100% correct everything is green, and when not right red will appear telling you exactly what to fix and how! Here we go one more screenshot of me working on this post.

Squirrly SEO Live Assistant

Oh almost forgot they send weekly audits, click to see our Squirrly Score

Squirrly SEO Plugin Features

Now one thing I did fail to mention is that the plugin optimizes your whole WordPress blog, not just the articles. That feature alone is well worth paying for an SEO plugin, and that’s Sweet for an NON-SEO expert like me!

Florin and his team have many videos and information on how to set everything up for maximum results. Here are the many features that come with this plugin, and then I will show you how to pay even less than me really.

    • Unlimited Content Optimizations with the SEO Live Assistant
    • SEO Audit
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Monitors Your Site’s Progress
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • You’ll be alerted if there are visibility issues, 404 errors, et
    • Headline Suggestions based on your Topic
    • Month to Month Contract
  • No Hidden Fees
    • Cancel with a Click
    • Unlimited articles for which you can optimize
    • SEO Advice as you type your articles
    • SEO Analytics that shows Rank and Social Signals
    • Social Intelligence
    • Optimization Advice for Search Engine Bots AND Human Readers
    • Images you can use, that are copyright free
    • Read / Insert Tweets, Wikis and Blog Articles
  • Search of Images, Wikis, Blog Articles, based on your keyword

Video Squirrly SEO Live Assistant part 1/6

Squirrly SEO Plugin Deal

Ok, that is enough about my secret weapon that helps me get the perfect post for both humans and bots like Google. If you want to get 35 % off the regular price that I pay – you know the deal click the link below and good luck with your SEO-see you at the top of the search results!

Get 35% off  Squirrly 

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