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Jaaxy – Best Keyword Ranking Tool – and Affordable!

This is another great tool I use almost daily and the best part Jaaxy is affordable. When it comes to an online keyword ranking tool, I have run across some pretty good ones. But in the end, the price is an issue and nothing I have found beats Jaaxy. They simply have the best keyword ranking tool considering price versus options.

Many SEO keyword ranking tools have more options, so many let’s be honest they do not all get used and just not really needed. Jaaxy has only what you need to get great words that rank. Who has hours looking at stats, that do not matter, your time is money and sometimes limited-right? So let’s dive deeper and let me show you why I like Jaaxy!

What is the Best Keyword Ranking Tool?

As stated above I hope to show you lots of needed features with a great price, a steal if you ask me. I really use and believe in this product, just like my Squirrly Seo Plugin. Just too many benefits, why not make them my advantage. Some of the main features are Keyword Search, Site Rank, Keyword Training Videos and even an Affiliate program.

I will be covering these areas, but Jaaxy includes more pretty unique features to narrow down and rank for that keyword phrase. Learning how to go for that “low-hanging keyword fruit” is much better than no rank at all!

Take a Test Drive it’s FREE 30 keywords


Keyword Search Tool

Now to the meat and bones or heart of Jaaxy – the keyword search tool. They use a very easy stop light method with all three colors green=great yellow =ok and red=poor! Which all combine the average monthly traffic + number of ranked competing sites for that keyword.

With the color also comes an SEO score from 1-100, the higher the number, the better your chance of ranking for that word. Some other features are traffic too expect when you get on the first page, dot com domains available for that keyword and other related words. One more I will talk about later my favorite search analysis.

How to find low competition and profitable keywords video by Eric Leung


Keyword Site Rank Checker Tool

Here you can check any keyword from your website or others to see if they rank. Jaaxy will even save the list of ranked words or phrases and show how many spots they have moved up or down.

Can also be used to check what custom meta other competitor sites are using to outrank you. That’s enough on site rank let’s move on to the next feature!


keyword site rank


Website Keyword Search Analysis Tool

Search analysis can teach a lot about the sites that consistently rank on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. And all this can be learned without hiring some expensive SEO service. Besides, you will have to figure this stuff out, if you’re like me a one man show! 

  • Title:
  • Url:
  • Meta:
  • Keywords:
  • Word Count:
  • Links on Site:
  • Alexa Rank:
  • Keyword Density:
  • Back Links:
  • Adsense:

What I have learned from this 1) Use catchy titles, 2) Think about your meta description and 3) Longer articles are what the search engines like! Studying is knowledge and knowledge is power.


search analysis tool



Jaaxy Research and Training Videos

In the member’s area, they have 4 videos show you how to use all the features of Jaaxy keyword tool like website research, niche research, and keyword research. The last one is all about their Affiliate Program if you’re interested, will talk more about next. I usually stop by and watch a quick video, to recap and make sure I’m getting the most out of the best keyword ranking tool Jaaxy. Ok stay with me we are almost done!

keyword research training

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Basic idea is to earn by referring people to Jaaxy and is pretty generous too. You can earn $8 monthly for a Pro sign up and $20 with an Enterprise referral. Which like most Affiliate Marketing programs pay out monthly. Now the pricing, check out how affordable Jaaxy keyword tool can be you will not believe it!

affiliate program Jaaxy keyword tool

Jaaxy keyword Tool Pricing

The picture below tells the story, and this tool is worth every penny. With all the time saved finding a great keyword to draw organic traffic, I would gladly pay twice that amount. Jaaxy has proven itself by ranking many keywords for me and I will continue to use for a long time. If you in the business of keywords and ranking I know this tool will not let you down.

best keyword research tool

I know this tool works, have about 30 keywords ranked right now on the first and second page of google. Do what I did, grab the free version and test drive the platform.

Do what I did, took my time and ranked a few keywords, then you can decide if  Jaaxy keyword tool is worth a twenty spot! 

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