Join the Revolution of the “Art of Noble Giving” Noble 7 using Bitcoins

Art of Noble Giving with Noble 7

 The most innovative crowdfunding platform in history. A grand vision to raise 1 billion dollars in the next 24 months for needy people around the world while providing you with the finances to build the life of your dreams, through the donations of many.



NOT An Investment

NOT A Business

It’s a donation platform, you do not receive any income or commission, but will collect donations!

“Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.”


The “Noble 7” refers to the seven targets of global need that we will spotlight in our giving.

1. Disabled Veterans
2. Innocent Victims ( Child abuse, human trafficking domestic violence and more)
3. Humanitarian Causes (Homeless/Hungry, Orphanages, quality water wells, ministries and world outreach and more)
4. Disaster Relief
5. Animal Cruelty (humane society and more)
6. Youth Programs ( At risk youth, youth sports, recreation, and after-school programs, mentoring programs and more)
7. Breakthroughs in Health (Medical Research for Cures (diabetes, heart health, cancer, etc. as well as Alternative Health Solutions)

Our one-time donation will be with Bitcoin or Debit/Credit Card, and donations out to you will be in Bitcoin.

Our proprietary, “Follow the Leader” Peer to peer, reward-based, crowdfunding system allows us to return to you 2-3 times more in donations, and with a much lower number of people. At the same time, we are going to have three major giving goals which are as follows:

Our Giving Goal with Noble 7 Crowdfunding:

12 months $250 million
24months $500 million
36 months $1 Billion



Action Steps to Take for your success:

#1) Watch Video

#2) Need Coinbase account & wallet to receive donations in bitcoin. Or can use any other Bitcoin company & wallet!

#3) Can use a credit card or debit to fund your one-time donation of $50.00 only!

#4) Tune into daily calls

#5) Tell three other people about opportunity – give them your page to sign up

#6) Receive update notifications


Opportunity will change many lives for the good, why not yours too!

Become part of a global mission to give 1 Billion dollars for worthy causes around the globe and YOU can become part of it!

Join Us – Pre-Launch

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the shares – now let’s do something rewarding!

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