Ryan Biddulph is living the “Island Hopping” Internet Freedom Lifestyle

Internet freedom Lifestyle

Ryan Biddulph Internet Freedom Lifestyle

1- How did you get started on the internet freedom lifestyle? 

I was axed lol 🙂 I got das boot from my security guard job in NJ. My fiancee Kelli told me about this online internet business bit. I had no clue how to do anything online. I knew 2 things: how to check espn.com and how to check my email. Seriously. But after a bit of research – emphasis on “a bit” – I dove in with both feet. Or, with 1 foot.

Either way, getting let go from my job was the great catalyst for me. I changed my career and my internet lifestyle by getting the ax.


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2- Who is your greatest inspiration in life?

I have learned from so many inspired folks: Kelli, and other really successful people online like Ray Higdon, Chris Brogan, and Gary Vaynerchuk. More than anything, I feel inspiration surrounds me. Both through each person I meet – including you! – and through nature.

I may find more inspiration from the roosters cock-a-doodle-doing outside of my window at 3:40 AM, when they wake me up, as they did today, then I do from anything else. I genuinely do my best to find inspiration in the moment, through any vehicle.

More than anything, though, the inspired folks listed above taught me that you can create a freeing lifestyle on the internet. 


3- Your favorite way to make income online and why?

Not trying to make money online 🙂 I feel when I tried to make money online, my energy really, really sucked. Because money does not send you money. People send you money. So, when I focused on people, instead of things (money, status, etc), wow did my career trajectory change!

Turns out, people will become your friends if you help them out, and promote them, and support them, and inspire them, and these friends will promote you, endorse you, and they’ll also pay you to solve their problems.

Voila! The pay part. Now that’s how I began to make money online. I helped me, by helping people, through a few different channels.

If I had to say I had a favorite way Robert, I’d say, writing 6,000 word or longer posts, with niche keywords and key phrases peppered throughout the content. To me, the money is in the content. Rabid fans, or frightened newbies, or heck, someone mildly interested in what you have to offer can become a buyer, instantly, once they trust you, and it sure doesn’t hurt to publish in-depth, targeted posts to gain someone’s trust.

Money follows value. So, if I set up income streams through my freelance writing, eBook, my blog coaching services and my affiliate sales, money will flow through these channels to me in response to the value I’ve created which inspired my audience to trust me. It should in theory, at least lol! J/k…..living in Bali now, all going swimmingly with the Blogging from Paradise blog and brand.


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Chapter 2: Impress the Golden Rule on Your Mind

Whatever you give, you get. Think that one through.
Almost every struggling blogger I know is self-centered. They don’t want to
feature other bloggers, nor do they want to offer up their blog for guest posting,
nor do they want to promote others, nor do they want to help others, to grow
their online businesses, or to help others drive blog traffic.
If you don’t make it a point to notice others, they won’t notice you. You can do all
sorts of good, through creating content, and inspiring people, but you’re royally
screwed until you learn the great secret of blogger outreach: obeying the Golden



4- If starting out today would you do anything different?

Nothing Robert. I’ve always been in the perfect place at the perfect time. I just had to see it in each moment, to grow.

OK, now that my enlightened answer is out of the way ;)…..I’d say, if there were 1 thing I’d suggest everybody do, from Day 1, it’s to find a pure motivator. Tie the reason why you want to work online to freeing yourself and your audience. Money, success, Bali apartments, homes in Fiji, 43 month – and counting – trips around the world, multiple endorsements from NY Times Best Selling Authors, speaking engagements at NYU and over 80 features on authority blogs, well, all these neat things flow to the person who’s primarily blogging to free themselves, and to free their audience.

So, I’d stress that your delightful readers should blog to be free and to free their audience. When you are more hungry to be free than you fear to do uncomfortable stuff a wonderful tipping point occurs, and you’ll find yourself prospering with increasing ease.


5- Where do you see the internet heading in relation to blogging/making money online?

The internet heads wherever the individual takes it 😉 I rarely think about trends because I am the trend.  Make no mistake; I am a humble guy who has flubbed up 1,001 times….in the last week lol…..but I also know, as within, so without. Or I know this a handful of times each year.

Onward and upward, for all of us. The internet is one channel through which we tune into abundance. If you do your inner homework then you better believe that your level and clarity and your intent to free yourself and your audience will help you prosper through any channels, including through online channels.

Sometimes – I included – folks believe that some outer trend dictates their level of success. While it’s true that I wouldn’t hop on Myspace right now to do social media, and that some trends/sites/strategies should be followed, or ignored, I largely feel that whatever you believe within, becomes your reality.


Internet Freedom Lifestyle

I see so many promising young and older talents online that it inspires me. I really believe that as more people gain clarity in what they’re doing, picking niches that excite them, and blogging, to free themselves, and to free their audiences, that there is no limit where we can take this thing.Hey, I’m blogging from paradise. How sweet is that?

Anybody can do this is they choose a freeing driver, and if they create serious value, AND….this is a big one….if they make friends in high places. Building genuine bonds with leaders is the straw that stirs the online drink, and my blog commenting, and social sharing,  brought me the blessings of multiple eBook endorsements from a NY Times Best Selling Author as well as a speaking opportunity at NYU.

Get clear on 1 topic, work to free yourself, and your readers/customers, and you’ll make your online internet freedom lifestyle dreams come true by Ryan Biddulph
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