How to Sell Scrap Metal to Recycling Centers

how to sell scrap metal

How to Sell Scrap Metal

Most of us just throw big unwanted items like washing machines out on the curb. These items do not stay long as scrappers know how to sell scrap metal to recycling centers!

So get your truck and trailer ready these items take up hauling space, but will fetch more money per trip over recycling just cans.

How to Make Money Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-Ferrous metals contain no Iron and have no magnetic property. Scrap Monster will give you a base for prices in North America. But be sure to call your local scrap yard to get there up to date price!


Bumpers, Car & Truck Rims, Pots & Pans, Siding, Window Frames, Misc. Household Aluminum, Aluminum Radiators, Aluminum Copper Condensers.


Red Brass, Yellow Brass, Automobile Radiators, Hard Brass Castings, Ornaments & Valves


Water Heating Pipes & Tubes, Electrical Wire, Cables & Conductors, Sheet Copper, Misc. Household Copper


All types of Lead Auto Batteries

Stainless Steel:

All grades of Stainless Steel common in appliances, sinks and other home products.


All types of Zinc Die Cast used in many engine auto parts.

Ferrous Scrap Metal to Make Money

Ferrous metals contain some percentage of Iron and have magnetic qualities. Sheet Iron, Cast Iron, Baling, AutoCast, Motor Blocks are just a few examples.

Misc. Items to make scrap metal money:

Alternators, Ballasts, Carbide, Compressors, Computer Boards, Converters, Electric Motors, Nickel, Starters, Transmissions

Do not forget to separate your items and call around for the best prices. Not doing your homework could lose some substantial cash and every dollar counts right!

Many places online to get some really good tips about how to make money with metal scrap sales, so we are not going to repeat now.

What do you think about selling scrap metal? Leave us a comment and ” hell no ” we do not mind if you share…

Did you learn anything on how to sell scrap metal, we hope so!

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