Must Learn Gig Tips How to Sell on Fiverr

how to sell on fiverr

How to Sell on Fiverr

So, you’ve posted a gig on Fiverr, but you still don’t have any buyers yet. It’s not surprising as Fiverr has a lot of sellers so in order to actually make some money you need to stand out from the crowd. Sounds like you need to know how to sell on Fiverr, luckily you can do this pretty easily by utilizing the following tips.

Be Thorough with What You Are Offering

Even if you are selling a gig fairly cheaply, no one is going to want to buy if they don’t know what the gig offers If you say you are going to offer something like a blog post, explain exactly what that entails. Will you add in keywords, include quotes or add hyperlinks?

Your customer does not want to waste time, going back and forth with you trying to figure out what exactly it is that you are offering. Don’t rely on the title to do all of the work.  

This is all information that buyers need and you should learn if you want to know how to sell on Fiverr! Your goal should be a top seller.

Hint #1   It’s important to have a good title to draw in buyers,  but make sure that you are enticing them and not discouraging them because of the lack of information.

Use A Click Worthy Profile Picture

It’s not surprising that gigs with profile pictures get more clicks. Blank pictures or ones with the default avatar aren’t as attractive to buyers. Use a picture that will get the buyer’s attention. Make sure it’s attractive, of good quality and not offensive.

Hint #2  A good picture can help you attract more buyers and in turn get more sales. Don’t use generic pictures like photos of celebrities or animals as they won’t tend to draw in buyers either.


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How to Sell on Fiverr? – Sell Yourself

Buyers need to know that you are qualified to do the gigs you offer. You really need to sell yourself and explain why someone should buy your gig. Now is the time to go into detail about your past experience and how you have helped other clients.

However, make sure you don’t use too much self-praising as buyers might be apt to stop reading after only 3 or 4 lines. This is why you need to put your most relevant experience in the first line or two of the description.

Hint #3   The key is to highlight your work without sounding like you are bragging or going on and on about yourself.

Post Your Gig on Your Personal Social Media Page

One of the hardest parts about selling on Fiverr is getting that first sale. Without a positive review from a client, many buyers aren’t willing to take the first leap and go with a new seller.

Because of this, you should encourage a friend or family member that needs your service to buy your gig and to leave a positive review if they think you did a good job.

This will encourage buyers to not look past your page because you are brand new to Fiverr.

Hint #4   Don’t get discouraged in the beginning because sellers with no reviews always seem to have a difficult time trying to sell that first gig.

Hope you like and got some value with this article how to sell on Fiverr,  our ghost seller is a little shy and has asked to stay anonymous. So if we want to learn how to sell gigs on Fiverr, learning what the customer wants seems a big key!
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