How to Make Money with House Cleaning Maid Services

house cleaning maid services

House Cleaning Maid Services

House cleaning services are something not many people like to do and if you can give a quality service at a good price your in like Flynn. I did post construction cleaning in my early days  and pardon the pun “cleaned house!”

I will explore how to make money cleaning houses two ways: Residential maid home cleaning and new construction pre-move-in clean up. Both ways can keep you busy enough cleaning houses for a living. Cleaning is non-glamorous and also dirty so most people will pass on this chance to earn a few buck or even more!

Like I said before if you can be competitive in your local marketplace or pitch an affordable weekly price that anyone can not but say yes you have a business! Even being new to cleaning is not a big deal, as with time comes speed and higher earning are made per hour. Not sure calculating how much to charge, this article should get you in the bidding ballpark!

 House Cleaning Services – Residential

This is not any end article on cleaning houses for a living as there are many other topics that must be considered, like your transportation, insurance, and local licenses. I like to touch the basic and give you thought to do the homework.

Most of the people I have met including friends that have a maid service, get a lot of business through word of mouth.  Your clients tell their friends or a neighbor see’s what is going on and wants the same work done. I have seen this many times and had the same happened to me when house painting.

Homes get dirty faster than paint wears out so repeat work is always around the corner fro house cleaning maid services.

Being honest, hard working and having a few communication skills can get you a long way. Now I will not go into detail about what cleaners work best when cleaning homes, a little research on your part will keep you from ruining a rug, carpet or wood furniture.

Having business cards made cheap by Vistaprint or even creating flyers yourself does help. Targeting higher end neighborhoods where potential clients have the extra funds is a must. Getting in the door and doing a good job can lead to other cleaning jobs like pressure washing house/decks or yard cleanup.


New Construction – House Cleaning Maid Services

Many of the cleaning tips given above can be used to start getting clients for your new business of cleaning up after the many trades involved in making a home. The great thing about getting new construction homes move in ready, I was able to work on my schedule meaning day or night.

Obviously with residential maid cleaning this may not be  possible, but you already knew that! 

At the time my day job was painting, most of which were new construction homes, so talking to the contractor beforehand helped. You will have to find your own strategy with finding new construction home building in your area and get those jobs. New building construction allowed me to charge about $500-$700 a home depending on size and never took more than 8 hours, which was completed in one night.

I‘m not able to do every money making opportunity mentioned on this site, but house cleaning services have made me money in the past. No problem repeating in the future if ever needed. In fact, new construction would be where I would go looking because of all the other trade opportunities present!

House Cleaning Maid Services Conclusion:

Doing just residential or new construction alone or combining the two really depends on what’s going on in your area. Smaller residential weekly jobs could keep you busy enough or be flexible on the two could take your house cleaning business over the top.

Good luck which ever you choose and check out the indeed job bar bottom right for House Cleaning Maid Services!


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