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Freelance Writer Job


Freelance Writer Job Review

1. Overview

As the name suggests, iWriter is a freelancing site aimed squarely for a  freelance writer job.

Clients must deposit money into an escrow account before starting a project. A freelance creator has the option to pick between – articles, rewrites, blog posts and eBooks – posted on the site. A freelance ink slinger can pick any job they like on a first come, first served basis. The buyer also has the option to ask a specific freelance writer or writers to handle each project.

When an article is approved, the writer’s iWriter account is credited. Regular payments are always made to the writer’s PayPal account.

iWriter can be the most straightforward experience as any freelance writer job.


2. Ease of Use

iWriter gets full marks for having a simple design and uncomplicated dashboard.

2.1 Loading speed

The site loads quickly. Problems with the site are extremely infrequent, and those rare problems are resolved within hours or less.

2.2 Ads

iWriter is completely ad-free.

2.3 User Interface

The site boasts a clean layout. The design on each page is minimalist, the text is large and content is easy to understand.

3. Help

Get answers to your queries through live chat, email or the FAQ section.

3.1 Live Chat

The most recent of the three options, live chat will have an operator attending to you within minutes.

3.2 Email

Until the live chat option, email was the best way to get answers, except that it usually took at least a day to get a response.

3.3 FAQ

A continuously updated repository of answers that will resolve most basic issues new writers will have.

4. Financial

4.1.1 Receiving Payment

Being a freelance writer you will have to set up a PayPal to receive payment. There are four different payment schedules to choose from:

a) Every Tuesday

b) Every other Wednesday

c) Every month on the 5th

d) Every month on the 25th

You are free to change this schedule at your convenience at any time. You can also select a minimum amount to be paid.

4.1.2 Payment Approval

Writers are not paid immediately upon project completion. The buyer has 3 days within which to ask for (multiple) revisions, and writers will be barred from other projects until the buyer is satisfied, or if they cancel the project themselves.

When the buyer fails to approve the article or requests a re-write, the amount is automatically credited to the writer’s account after 72 hours.

4.2 Direct Cut

iWriter pays the writer 81% of the clients allocated value of the project for general projects. It pays 86% of the total value if a client assigns a project to specific writers via ‘Special Requests’.

For example, if a buyer puts $10 in escrow for an article open to all writers, the successful writer would receive $8.10.

If the same $10 project was assigned to a specific writer, he or she would receive $8.60 upon approval.

4.2.2 Tips

When the client accepts a writer’s work, they have the option of leaving a tip. This tip may be of any amount. iWriter takes no cut from any tips received – 100% is yours to keep.

Tips are generally very rare for average writer’s, but produce exceptional content & bingo!

4.3 Grading System

There are 4 separate writer levels. In order of increasing accomplishment and earning capacity, they are:

a) Standard

b) Premium

c) Elite

d) Elite Plus

All writers start off at ‘Standard’ after passing a very basic English grammar test. Complete at least 30 articles to move up through the ranks based on your average client rating.

Writers rated above 4 out of 5 stars become Premium writers.

Elite writers need to reach 4.6 stars, while Elite Plus writers have to be graded at 4.85 stars or higher.

Your grade determines the projects you can attempt. Clients have the option of allocating projects to a specific grade of writers and therefore use this based on their own needs balancing cost and quality.

4.3.1 Grade Pay Scale

For 1000 words, a Standard writer makes $6.08; a Premium writer $8.51; an Elite writer $14.99; and an Elite Plus writer $52.45.

Projects may also be 150, 300, 500, 700 or 1,000 words long. The pay rates are approximately proportional to the figures given above.

There are options for buyers to request longer eBooks, but are extremely rare due to the length I’m guessing!


1. iWriter is easy to work with.

2. Writers do not need money to bid for projects.

3. Payment from iWriter for approved articles is never a hassle.


1. Projects in the ‘Elite’ and ‘Elite Plus’ range can be few and far between, particularly with the latter.

2.There is always the possibility of coming across dishonest ‘serial rejecters’ who reject your article with an abysmal rating that damages your ranking and still refuse to pay.

(In my personal experience, iWriter readily amends the rating in such cases but is powerless to stop the content thieves from stealing your words. Plus you will lose the time you spent on the project.)


Found this great tutorial video from vreviews!

 Looking to get a Freelance Writer Job – check out iWriter

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