Flip Websites or Domain names Just Like Real Estate

Flip Websites

Flip Websites for Profit

Could you flip websites and make real income? Finding a website on the low, fixing and then selling for profits is not easy. But many are doing just that every day. We hope to highlight some of the best places on the web to start flippin

 Find web properties to flip

There are many places to make money online selling websites and domains, so do your homework. Just for fun, we found some of the highest bought domains!

Here are a few top sites to start looking for your next flip:

How others have flipped web property’s

My knowledge on this topic is limited, much more research is needed on my part. But the first thing I would do is decide what type of site to buy for example blog, commerce, news, services etc. Then match that to my abilities or skills to make the most out of my new business.

Here is a good article by Yaro Starak on how to flip for a profit. Like buying a brick and mortar property there are many risks and things to consider through the whole process if you flip websites!

How I Sold My First Ever Website For $13,500 by Yaro Starak

Make Money Flipping Websites

Flippa is the #1 website on flipping and even offers some pretty good free guides with the basics! Much like real property, there is risk/reward and I’m sure timing plays a bit part too!

As always good luck when you flip websites to make money online!

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