Flip or Flop – One Mans Junk can be Another Mans Treasure!

flip or flop

To Flip or Flop!

The beauty is really in the eye of the beholder and that is where flipping comes in. Sometimes we buy stuff that we need and other times just because we gotta have it!

Here are some ways to capitalize and put some extra money in your pocket. But it does require some work and effort on your part and a little fun value hunting! This will be short & sweet as the girls are hungry –now what can I cook for dinner? 🙂

Where to Find Stuff to FLIP 

Police Auctions – These are great to find quality items (because they are taken) during drug raids etc and later sold to the highest bidder. Some City Police Department like New York City uses online sites like Property Room to handle all the sales.

  • Garage Sales – We all know about these and usually one in your neighborhood weekly!
  • Thrift Stores – Trying to find stuff to flip not flop in a thrift store will take some work and knowledge about the going rate for an item but not impossible – do not forget you can still haggle over final price.
  • Estate Sales – The bigger the better in my opinion simply more items to choose and price bargaining power! Here is a site we found online to help find estate sales in your area. 
  • Storage Unit Sales – So popular they have a show on cable called Storage Wars all about the adventures in flipping. The competition can get pretty tough & heated over abandoned/unpaid storage units!

Places to Sell Items You need to flip or flop

  • Ebay – You will have a lot of competition on Ebay, but millions of people visit the site daily looking for bargains. Here is an article we wrote about using Ebay for flipping items. My advice the more unique the item the better to sell on these sites. 
  • Craigslist – We like Craigslist because the listing is free and is used by many people including us to find items we want at bargain prices.
  • Local Paper – The more people know about you the better enough said!
  • Your Own Garage Sale – Make a weekend out of it and get the whole family to participate – my girls serve Lemonade. Just learn from our first garage sale mistakes!
  • Consignment Shops – The shop will take a little cut of the sale, but you get the exposure to customers.


Have a story on a flip or bad flop you have done? What would you flip or flop trying to make a profit? If you have an eye for turning one man’s junk into treasure, then these places could be your GOLD mine!

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