eBay Valet Service – Professional Sellers they Sell you get Paid!

eBay Valet Service

If you have items to sell on eBay, but you don’t have the time to do so, there’s a new program for you, eBay valet service professional sellers can do the majority of the work for you. Here is some information about the eBay valet program.

How It Works

You first must register for an eBay valet service account. You can do so easily by visiting eBay’s website and creating one. Once you have an eBay account you will then request a shipping label. Then, simply send in your items using the shipping label.

After that, the eBay valet service does the rest of the work. They take pictures of your items and list them. They will answer any questions that a buyer has and then will box and ship the items to the buyer once they sell.

After your item sells you will get paid. It generally takes about 4 weeks to get paid once you ship your items to eBay. So while this service isn’t for everybody, #eBay valet professional sellers can be a great service for some.

How Items Are Priced

You don’t have to do any research to try to figure out how items should be priced. eBay looks at how much similar items have sold for in the last 90 days. After they do their research they list the item.

If it doesn’t sell within 4 weeks, then they reduce the price and relist the item.


As you can imagine there are some fees associated with this service. Currently, for items under $50, you get 60% of the sale. For items that sell for $50-$200, you get 70% of the sale. For items that sell for more than $200, you get 80% of the sale.

While the fees might seem hefty, you have to take into account that you really aren’t doing any work, but are still getting paid once your item sells.

What Kind of Items Can Be Sold?

Sellers can sell a variety of items including collectibles, instruments, clothing, shoes, purses and electronics. The better the condition is or the more in demand the product is, the higher the price you will get for it. Have eBay valet service selling questions click here

eBay has a list of products you can and can’t sell on eBay, plus an search bar to see how much your item might be worth! 

Why Someone Would Use eBay Valet Service

While the fees can seem hefty to some, this service can be great for a variety of reasons. For one, you really don’t have to do anything except create an eBay valet service account and ship the items in. You don’t have to worry about listing the item or dealing with buyers which are a perk for many.

Also, eBay can be a complicated place. Even if you have a great product, you have to make sure you take high-quality pictures and list in a way that will be descriptive and enticing enough to make individuals actually want to buy the item.

This is a great service for novices that have items they want to sell and just aren’t sure how to go about doing so, or someone who loves the hunt but not the selling!

 This could great for someone retired who has the time to visit all the garage sales but does not like to haggle local prices. Letting the pro's at eBay valet service do the selling, using one of the biggest platforms online. Hope you like this unique way to make a buck and share we do not mind!


eBay Valet Service



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