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easy ways make money

Everything is so expensive during these days. People are trying all different kinds of easy ways make money! There are some simple and easy ways that a person can make the extra money and many of them can be done at home.

Take Online Surveys

While a person may not make enough extra money to leave their full-time job taking online surveys can provide a person with some spending money. Just give your opinion on a given topic! There are no rights or wrong answers.

These surveys can last anywhere between two minutes and an hour. They also pay between a couple of cents to several dollars. A person can cash out and get a check in the mail or in their online accounts such as Paypal. Within a month a survey take can make around $30. While this is not enough to pay a mortgage it is enough to have a nice night out or cover gas for the week.

Sell Your Body and Helping

Well not literally sell your body for illegal activity. There are some legal ways to sell your body and make some extra money while helping people at the same time. Some companies will pay good money if you sell your hair. The hair has to be clean and cannot be chemically processed.

Selling Plasma

In addition to selling hair, you can sell your plasma. Plasma is used in the medical community and they will pay for your donation.

Sperm Bank

You can also help couples that are having children. Men can donate their sperm to a sperm bank. There is a limit on how many times a man can make this donation.

Women can donate their eggs as well. This can be a lengthy application process and a woman has to be willing to supply information about her family history and education. Egg donations can pay several thousand dollars.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials will allow a person to help the scientific community and make some extra money. Trials may only be open to a person with a specific medication condition. They are given a new type of treatment to see how the body will respond.

Scientific trials must follow certain ethical guidelines so there will be no harm to the participates. These trials can last for several weeks and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Participants will be paid for travel time and travel expenses such as gas as well.

Get Rid of Scraps

Recycling scrap metal is just one of many easy ways make money,  especially with the price of metals such as copper being high. You may need to have access to a truck or a trailer to haul the material to the scrap yard. If you have an old refrigerator or other appliance lying around you can no get rid of it and get some money. You can even open a business where you haul scrap metal for others and get paid when you recycle the metal.

Walk Dogs

A dog walking business can have good easy ways make money. When people work long hours they need someone to come and let their dog out. You can post add online to care for these dogs and take them for a nice walk.

House Sit

House sitting is becoming more and more popular and can help you make some extra money. When a person is going to be out of town they want someone to come and watch their house. You can stay in their home but you have to clean up after yourself.

While you are going to have to make sure the home is in working order. Turn on the lights and turn the water on once a day to make sure there are no problems. Some people may need their plants watered or their yard maintained while they are away. Also with someone in the home, there is less likely the house will be the target of robbers.

Sell Old Stuff

Selling items that are no longer used are easy ways make money. There are many internet stores and also auction sites that allow people to sell items they no longer need. Clean out your home and make some money with the things you are no longer using.


The internet is a great place to find freelance work to make extra money. If you have a skill or a talent people will pay you for your service. There are a number of sites for freelance writers where they can make money typing papers.

There are also freelance opportunities for photographers, graphic designers, and website designers are some more easy ways make money. If you have these skills you can work for individuals or even a company. Depending on the length and requirements of the project you can make a nice amount of extra money.

Rent a Friend

There are some interesting things people will pay for. People are actually willing to pay other’s to be their friend. If you are a friendly person and because you get along well with people you can make extra money by renting out your friendship. There are websites where people are looking to rent companionship for the day.

The outings are strictly platonic and people are usually looking for someone to go with them to an event or a company outing. You can pick and choose what events you want to attend and the people you want to be around. Not only will you make extra money by being a friend you may get to go on a cool outing for the day as well.

Easy Ways Make Money

These are just some easy ways make money. With the rising cost of goods and services, every little bit of extra money helps. These jobs often do not have set hours and you can do them around your schedule. You do not have to leave your full-time job. These opportunities are easy ways to make money and you can do in your spare time!

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