Easy Ways Make Money with Recycle Materials

easy ways make money recycle

Easy Ways Make Money

It’s easy to just throw that recycled material in the trash or do the work sorting it out for your city.But just taking a short drive could be how to make money with recycling on a monthly basis for your family!

I put this under coffee cash tab because we only recycle about $30 bucks worth of cans monthly, but those serious scrappers with trucks/trailers make so much more money per month picking up larger unwanted material!

Why recycle even if it’s not easy ways make money?

Well, it just makes sense to reuse household material, the other solution seems to pollute our water and land! Plus every little bit helps and adds up to making this world a better place for our kids.

Not to mention the girls get a lesson on the easy ways make money with a little incentive for doing something good for the environment around them.


180 recycle ideas by zoltan


What you can recycle from home

Plastic: Since plastic does not breakdown and can be reused in many ways this should be the #1 item collected and used conservatively. Items can range from plastic bottles, grocery bags, dixie cups, egg cartons and so on.

Glass: Some recycle centers want this separated by color for example brown, clear or green. Some items would be light bulbs, mirrors, old window glass etc.

Metal: These can be divided by ferrous metals that contain iron magnetic properties and non-ferrous like aluminum. Things like food cans, aluminum foil, and paint containers come to mind.

Paper: They say for every 4-foot stack of paper recycled we save a 40-foot fir tree, that should be motivation enough. Paper items we collect are newspapers, magazines, old phone books and drink cartons.

How to make money recycling basic home material

Remember all recycling centers are not the same, kind of like buying gas the prices vary around town. Doing a little research for the scrap yards in your area could make it worth the money to drive an extra mile or two.  Here is a site we like online for getting a base scrap price and see how everyone else compares.

I have even met someone who takes his recycling material to the highest priced scrap center. Serious scrappers have a lot higher volume than me, so I can see how that would make a difference.

Hope you liked easy ways make money recycling. Share and leave us a comment on you best day with recycling!

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