Dog walking 101 – making money with mans best friend!

 Dog walking 101


Dog walking 101

Spring has hit Michigan and people are out dog walking, getting the daily needed exercise.  We just got a boxer  Coco and she needs 40 minutes minimum per day, thank goodness the girls keep her busy! But many pet owners are too busy working or not able to take fido out – you can step in and make money walking man best friend!


Dog Walking 101 Pay

The going rate seems to be around $1.00 per minute and can depend on many things like length of the walk, type of exercise and more than one dog. I can see that location can make a difference, for example, Annie Lever back in 2003 made over $150,000 walking dogs for the stars in Hollywood!

To me, the sky’s the limit with being able to make money walking dogs and all up to how big you can scale up. Getting part-time help like college kids needing to make a few buck seems perfect. People love their pets and are willing to spend a small fortune, I know Coco is one pampered pooch. Big box pet stores like Petco even offer services like nail clipping and dog training etc.


Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

How to Make Money Dog Walking 101

Getting the word out is always the way to go and having business cards plus flyers should be first. Joining sites like will help match you with clients in your area looking for dog walking services. Also visiting pet stores, walking parks and vet. Clinics can get you leads and work.

Another option we found on the web is a site called Thumbtack that will send customers your way who need your dog walking services. Also, word of mouth advertising by others seeing you walking their neighbors’ pooch will bring future work opportunities.

Do not forget to offer other dog related items to your clients like nail clipping, washing or dog training if you have the talent. Have seen a few but not many, mobile dog services being offered in my area.

Dog Walking 101 Tips

One of my favorite sites to learn more about my dog is called Cesarsway, lots of great info on dog behavior, care, training and so much more. Many resources online and books that can teach you all about dogs so use them!


coco dog walking 101 make money


Now the girls and I are going to walk Coco around the lake and get those nails clipped too. Take care and hope this article helps you make money walking dogs in your area.

Dog Walking 101 done now Coco wants out to play!

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