Best College Textbook Buyback on Bookscouter

College Textbook Buyback

College Textbook Buyback

Are you a college student or someone that has a lot of used textbooks laying around? If so why don’t you turn those old textbooks into some cold hard cash? Instead of selling your books at your local bookstore why not sell them on bookscouter? This website makes college textbook buyback easy. Today we are going to learn how this best textbook buyback website works.

Steps for Textbook Buyback on Bookscouter

Below you will learn more about the buyback process that this very helpful website offers. Most of you will find this textbook buyback process very easy.

•Enter the ISBN: Every textbook contains an ISBN number that is located on the back of the book. The International Standard Book Number is unique to each book and is the best way to identify what edition you have. In the search box type in this number and you will be sent to the offers page.

Compare offers: Once you have searched for your book you will be directed to the offers page. Here you will find several different offers by different buyers. Look for the best offer and click on the sell button located at the right-hand side of the offer.

Ship: Once you have accepted vendors offer you will need to get your book ready for shipping. Make sure to securely pack the book to prevent damage during shipment. Vendors will not send payment if they receive a damaged book. Once your book is ready to ship, print out your free shipping label and attach it to the package. Then simply place the book in the mail and your job is finished.

Payment: Once your vendor has received the textbook sellers should receive their money in as little as 1 to 3 days. Payment times will vary depending on the vendor’s policies. Most vendors make payment via PayPal for quicker transactions.

Best College Textbook buyback video from BookScouter!

Got Used Books? Checkout BookScouter for your College Textbook Buyback

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