3 Hundred Cash – 14 Ways to Find Some

3 Hundred Cash

3 Hundred Cash

There’s not a person out there who would turn down 300.

Imagine finding it under the couch.

Or in your pants pocket.

3 Hundred Free Buck

Yours for the taking.

But it’s a silly day dream.

Isn’t it?

As it turns out most of us easily have money tucked away in places we haven’t thought to look. It’s time to clean out your closets, your garage and even your drawers to find what treasures may lurk. Find enough treasures and you find 3 hundred cash.

Yard Sale

Gather up all the extra stuff you have lying around your house and put it to good use – making you money! Your junk is someone else’s treasure, after all. The trick to having a good yard sale is finding items you don’t use or want and pricing them where others can’t help but feel a need to snatch them up.

Pawn Your Electronics

Some specialty items like electronics, game systems, and even old phones are not worthy of a yard sale. Take these items to a pawnshop or you local consignment shop. You’ll get more green and feel free to shop around – there is no set price for anything in a pawnshop.

Sell Furniture on Craigslist

Large items, like furniture, can go in a yard sale, but to skip the hassle of dragging them around, it may be simpler to put those items on Craigslist instead. Snap a picture, post it online and arrange a convenient time for the buyer to come and pick it up.

Resell Jewelry

If you have old jewelry pieces that are made of real metal, even broken ones, you can make a pretty penny selling the jewelry to someone who will buy the metal by the ounce. You can also try taking jewelry pieces back to the jewelers. They may offer you a decent sum to buy them back.

Rent Your Place

If you are going out of town for a weekend, why not list your property on a sub-let website where others can crash at your place rather than going to a hotel? If it makes you nervous to allow strangers in your place, find a roommate. His deposit alone will get you dough in hand every month!

Combine Accounts

A lot of us have small bank accounts spread across various banks. If you have $20 in the bottom of one account and $70 in another, combine those and keep digging to see what other small stores of money you might have sitting in an old savings account or the checking account you opened online once.

Rent Your Space

You do not have to rent your entire apartment or house to earn some money from your property. If you’re well situated in an area with limited parking, you can actually make some nice change renting out your driveway or garage. Live by a college campus? Allow parking in your designated spot by the stadium – for the right amount, of course.

Sell Your Clothes

Clothes often sell well in garage sales, but if you have nice things with brand name labels, you don’t want to sell them for a dollar or two. Take those to the many clothing re-sellers in most urban areas. You sell your clothing, shoes and accessories. You enjoy a cleaner closet and funds in hand. If you have more time to sell, you can also sell a lot of these items online.

Sell Plasma, Hair, Sperm and Breast Milk

You may not make 300 hundred greenbacks in one sitting, but if you have the right blood type, you can sell the plasma in your blood for a decent sum. You might also be able to get some cash in hand if you fit the right profile to be a sperm donor. Long hair can be sold, especially unprocessed hair. And even breast milk can be sold these days.

House Sit

You can easily rent out your own place, but why not take someone else’s money to keep an eye on theirs? House sit for a friend or family member while they are out of town and you can pocket some nice change, enjoy a change of scenery and possibly even start your own side business.

Pet Sit

With house sitting often comes its sibling – pet sitting. If you’re watching someone’s house this week, you may also be watching their pet. For some families pet sitting means feeding the fish once per day. For others it’s a full-time gig of walking little Fido, brushing his coat, feeding him and playing ball four times per day. Pet parents are often willing to pay well to know their fur babies are well cared for.

Baby Sit

If you’re comfortable with kids, why not make some cash the old fashioned way? Offer to babysit for friends with babies or list your services through reputable online websites. The best babysitter connections are word of mouth, so put the word out that you’re looking and some jobs will likely come your way almost immediately.

List Craigslist

Craigslist is not just good for selling items taking up space in your house, it also has a large section dedicated to one-off projects or gigs. These gigs pay anywhere from something to nothing, so you’ll want to choose carefully when replying to an offer. But work the right gig in your spare time and you can get 3 hundred cash and perhaps a new skill for your resume as well.

Return Things

Finally, if you wound up in debt the old fashioned way – by spending your money, you might see if you get some of that money back by simply returning things.

You spent 3 hundred cash? Now return 300 worth of new shoes or electronics to the store with receipt or credit card in hand and you’ll be able to get that money back into your hands immediately. Problem solved!


What ways can you come up with 3 hundred cash on the fly?


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