Winter Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

winter jobs

Winter jobs ideas

Most of us including me do not get out in winter unless absolutely needed for work, food or other must do tasks! I am just not as motivated to get out in the deep freezer, but if you do not mind, the cold season brings some cold work cash opportunities.


  • Shovel Snow Sidewalks and Driveways

Well you knew this was coming up as one of the winter jobs – but with snow comes cleanup right! A lot of people are tired or just not capable of clearing the white stuff away – so why not make a few bucks? Get the right shovel and do before it freezes and you have made some easy winter cash.


  • Clearing Business Parking Lots

Will need a good truck and plow, but have an endless amount of potential work. Every business needs a safe place for customers to park and get too. Not to mention cut down on the risky law suits from accidents and falls.


  • Sell Firewood

This will have to be planned early enough to cut the wood and dry before winter, but everyone with a fireplace or wood stove needs your wood! Once the temperatures start to plunge your winter sales will jump right up…


  • Provide The Warm Stuff

Being in the right place with the hot essentials like cocoa & tea can make some pretty good winter money. And do not forget soups and warm sandwiches are awesome on a cold day!


  • Car Rescue

We see it every year on snow or iced days – cars in the ditch! Having a truck with a hitch is ideal, but even a tow rope can do in the right situations. Most people will gladly pay so they can get on down the road. Take care and leave us a response to winter jobs!


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