Testing software, your future freelance job

Testing software, your future freelance job

If you’re a developer, if you like technology, or you’re just good with software in general, then I know which freelance job might be the perfect match for you.

Every day, there are plenty of software that need to be released on the market. But before that happens, they obviously need to be tested.

Many companies choose to hire freelancers for this job because they believe that a person that has not been involved in the process of building the software will be able to see much clearer if there are any functionality errors.

What does testing software involve?

Choosing a freelance job as a software tester is very popular nowadays, especially because companies are constantly working on new software every day.

The software that is sent to you must be tested under required specifications and qualities. At the same time, you have to make sure that it works properly, and doesn’t have errors.

During the testing process, you will have to look out for bugs, loopholes that might pop up during different testing circumstances. Some circumstances need to be reasonable; some may be not because you have to make sure you got all the angles covered.

Does this freelance job require qualifications?

Basically, yes. You probably don’t need a degree (unless you are asked for one), but you definitely need some kind of proof that will show the fact that you have the required skills in order to test the software.

Since I’m a content writer, and I don’t really know much about what is involved in testing software, it would definitely be hard, if not impossible, for me to choose this as a freelance job.

But someone who is already a developer, has a degree in computer science, or already has experience with software, is definitely a good match for testing software.

How much you will earn testing software

This depends on what kind of project you’ll be working on. At first, you may be hired to test software that is not so complex, but in time, you will be able to develop your skills further, allowing you to work on complicated projects that will require more of your time.

Some companies will pay you by the hour, so you will have to remember how many hours you spent on a certain project. Some will pay you per each bug you discovered.


The benefits of testing software

First of all, you can work from home, or basically, anywhere you feel most comfortable. You can choose what type of projects to work on depending on your skills.

On top of that, I believe that the greatest advantage of testing software is that you will be able to see software before it’s released and actually have a contribution in the process of making it.

Also, this can be a great start if you plan on creating your own software somewhere in the future. It may give you an idea on what you should look for when designing one.

Have you ever considered testing software as a freelance job? Are you interested in becoming one? If not, what holds you back? 

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