Cash for Summer – Thanks Craigslist

summer bucks craigslist

Summer Cash Semi-Garage Clean out

That time of year to clean out the garage and part with my stuff no longer used to make some extra summer cash! This one was a tough choice because my 98 Trans am has been around a long, long time. The choice to sell for any dough price was very  hard, but i  came to the reality that my dreams of “Pimpin the TA” looked bleak……..

So I took my past glory out of the garage and took a few picks for a Craigslist add. Listed at a price to make a quick cash only sell and received on average 8 calls per day. Sold on the second day – second prospect. I will keep you all guessing what the sale price was….. Here were some picks below:

summer cash selling 98 trans am

What a damn fun ride in the summer with the t-tops off, will miss this car for sure. Still have some other used tires with good tread I’m waiting to see if any takers will need. Next up my basement to see whats not needed and therefore can be sold.

sold 98 craigslist


And that was simple, easy and the add was free. It might  surprise you at how many people follow their local craigslist. Take care and make some summer cash plus clean out your home too!


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