Our Missing Money and the National Debt [Infographic]

Wow where do we start on the National Debt Debate!

We do not like to get into politics much here – but with all the mess in Washington these days what the Heck! We should expect our Government to do a little better job with our money, what do you think?

I am sure they would not want the American people to copy the same spending habits – then who would be left to pay taxes? 

Does Missing Money with our National Debt Matter For Me & You?

Sure it does, just imagine maxing out your credit cards and then keep getting more credit. The time would come when the repayment for the past bad spending would not be paid back – default!

Not sure of the total fall out for me or you, because this has never happened in history. But be certain the tax payer will end up holding the bag and making up for the missing money!


Our Missing Money and the National Debt

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