Speek Geek? Be a Online Technical Support Agent

Technical Support Agent

Which way are the electrons going?

If you are a computer Geek your skills are in high demand from major Fortune 500 companies – being a Technical Support Agent.

You can work right out of your home and provide support over the phone to the rest of us none technical beings!

If you can navigate technical issues with the speed of accuracy and want to work from home a technical support agent career might be worth checking into!

 Technical Support Agent

All of us have been in a situation where we just could not figure out why one of our devices wireless or not stop working properly! Having the ability to call an expert has saved my butt many of times and i am very thankful  for all there help. T

his blog would not be here without the help of many souls willing to listen through my mixed English ( North Carolina & Fla) to help me work the issues out!

techncal support agent headset Technical Support Skills/Qualifications

Most of the entry-level positions are not work from home, but will provide all the training to get you into this field. Got to start somewhere right!

These jobs are working directly for some big Fortune 500 Companies like Best Buy, Apple, Dell & Xerox etc.

Or you can go another path and work with some third-party Technical support business like Support.com.


IT Tech Support

If you want to work from home doing IT tech support, a minimum of three years experience in most cases seems to be the norm. The average pay is between $15-30 hr not bad for a work at home gig.

You will need good phone etiquette and communication skills with the ability to type a minimum 40 words per minute. The ability to troubleshoot basic software, hardware and connectivity issues is a must.

 Technical Support Agent

Well remember these are just basic Technical Support Agent qualification for basic pay grade, more experienced advanced tech support usually means more pay. Take care and have another great day on purpose!  Please leave us a comment or question we love it!


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