Join the Revolution of the “Art of Noble Giving” with Bitcoins


Join the Revolution of the “Art of Noble Giving”

7 Powerful minutes about the most innovative crowdfunding platform in history. A grand vision to raise 1 billion dollars in the next 24 months for needy people around the world while providing you with the finances to build the life of your dreams.





NOT An Investment

NOT A Business

It’s a donation platform, you do not receive any income or commission!

“Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return”


waszupp donation crowdfunding


Watch Video then join us below to raise 1 Billion for those who need help!



Waszupp Mentor Network

The Waszupp Mentor Network provides Training and Support for individuals who want to discover the true potential of their life purpose.

We find that most people have the goal to generate more money and make a difference in this world. They have the desire but have lacked the tools, systems and most importantly mentoring.

People intuitively recognize the huge shift in the new Global economy and we empower them with systems and personal mentoring to tap into these powerful trends.


3 x 8 MATRIX

This is one opportunity that is still in pre-launch with over 250,000 people ready on the first day to reach the goal of Donating 1 Billion to charity and building wealth for our own business plans!

If you are ready for funding your dreams and changing the World for others? ———————-> Join Us


Action Steps to Take for your success:

#1) Watch video

#2) Sign up here – will get your own page

#3) Need Bitcoin account & wallet to give & receive donations

#4) Tune into daily calls

#5) Tell 3 other people about opportunity – give them your page to sign up

#6) Receive update notifications



This will change many lives for people that make the effort to get out of their comfort zones! 25,00 PEOPLE U.S. AND GROWING – WITH ANOTHER 250,000 COMMITTED OUTSIDE U.S. WAITING ON LAUNCH OF 01 OCT 2017

GET IN NOW! Not to mention help contribute to raising 1 Billion for many charities next 24 months!

Join Us


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