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Have you ever wanted to know how your favorite blogger got started? What inspires them to greatness? How about their preferred way to make money online?

To tell your the truth I was not sure how to approach these online Guru’s about my big Pro Series Plan.

So I took the advice of my 6 year old and Just Asked – and you might be SHOCKED at some of the answers!


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This is going to be real short because this blogger keeps his privacy for his family and friends. We respect that and the girls love the avatar! James Weber is founder and chief editor of MakeMoneyInLife.com. Other hats include Blogger, Tech Geek &  SEO person. James has been making money online since 2005….


James  weblog MakeMoneyInLife is one of the top” Make Money Online & Finance” sites on the net. More than 30,000 unique viewers every month find articles about Savings, Money, Business & Work from Home to name a few! That is what we love about his site – pretty much all things money. James will show you how to make money multiple of ways.

Now lets get some great insight from a expert!


Pro Series Questions & Answers with James Weber – MakeMoneyInLife

1- How did you get started on the Internet? -“My mom actually bought me my first computer, because I liked machines a lot, and later the world wide web caught my attention. I started like most of the people online, first it was just to connect with family and friends, finish school work, do my job, have fun of course and later I realized something else.

I realized that  I could work from home and make money online as a full time internet marketer/ web designer / blogger, and the rest is history :)”

2- Who is your greatest inspiration in life?“Greatest inspiration in life for me are people I meet and talk to almost every day, starting from my mother, father and friends who are working hard in these tough economic times.
 Every time I see them work offline and the way they work hard to reach their goals is all I need to keep me going online. I know that this answer is simple, but it’s all I need to get inspired every single day.
I’m young, maybe later in life I will find more things and people to get inspiration from, but right now, my family and friends are all I need”

3- Your Favorite way to make income online and why? ” This is a great question Robert, my favorite way to make money online is blogging for sure, it’s not one of the best and the most fastest ones. But it gets inside your heart and life the way you couldn’t imagine, it connects you more with the world and gives you the feeling of being there for thousands of people from all around the world. As long as that person has Internet connection and a laptop or computer, you can help them and reach them. 

But the most profitable way of making money for me so far is the affiliate marketing, the profits I make with Affiliate marketing are used to build my blogs and stay connected on social media. I guess the most favorite way is Blogging and most profitable way is Affiliate Marketing.”

4- If starting out today would you do anything different? – “Yes, I would do it much faster and  I would create the shortcuts in everything I do online, we loose too much time on things that we do not need. The affiliate marketing is easy, here is the shortcut you need in order to save time and make money online:

– create value (ebook, software, service)
– connect with people on social media sites and blogs, or use paid traffic
– build email list and give valuable stuff in exchange for your time or money
– never put eggs in one basket, have multiple sources of income online
– use leverage, have someone to help you, Internet is going to eat you if you’re doing everything by yourself.
If I just had someone to tell me this when I was starting, I would achieve much more online, hey I’m happy with everything I achieved so far, but these tips would save me a lot of time and energy.”
5- Where do you see the Internet heading in relation to blogging/making money online? ” Interesting question, blogging is becoming the most practical way of making money online for many. In the past, blogs were here mostly for fun and help, but the way the things are now, the future is going to bring and build a whole new Industry. You don’t need big starting capital, work space, and everything that goes with starting an offline business.
The monetization tactics are increasing daily and blogging is like a cannon for any type of business in their early stages of development.
I’m already paying taxes, having insurance on my blog and making sure that my service is always at it’s best, this just shows how Internet is evolving fast. But the most important thing is that blogs are still the best source of information and value we’re all looking for online.
And as long as there is a value, we are going to make some profits. Because at the end, we all have bills to pay, and blogging and making money online is just one of the most advanced and safe ways to do it right now.
I just want to say Thank you Robert for giving me this opportunity to share this with you and your readers. You’re doing a great job with your blog and I’m sure that you’re one great father and future big blogger too. Keep up the great work”
Full time Blogger/Internet Marketer


This Pro Series has two objectives:

#1 Learn from the best Online minds we could convince to tell us their perspective

#2 Develop some long term online connections around the world .

We are Honored James Weber took the time to write us back!

And remember take the advice of a 6 year old & never forget to just ask!


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