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how to make money from thai massage

Various forms of Thai Massage have been around for some 3,000 years. Thai massage is a way of  keeping healthy and feeling great for many in Thailand! Here are some ways on how to make money doing a body good and ridding the daily stress.


Thai Massage Benefits 101

It’s amazing the many benefits massaging the body can do for your health, mind & body! Did you know the body’s largest organ is your skin, no wonder i like Thai massages! Here is what body treatments can do for you.

The feeling you get after a good massage is just unbelievable. Most of the time i feel like back flips would be no problem, but luckily for me my feet stay grounded!


Body Treatment is Big Business

In the United States we have only started to realize the benefits of massage therapy  and that shows by shops slowly cropping up. Having family in Thailand and making many visits around Bangkok i have seen how many are making a living with this profession.

Your clients can be anyone from sports athletes to regular folks with back pain or even the rich n famous. Here is a article about the “best rejuvenation stations” in L.A – to give you some ideas of what to offer in your house of relaxation!



How to Make Money offering an Mobile Thai Massage Service

We all have many tasks to do during the day, so being able to visit a few premium clients might be right for you. Some of us just hate driving and love services that come to them, i am one of those!

Know a few people providing out call services like food, pet care, massage and even tires doing well. They all like setting their own hours and the freedom to pick who they work with! Since i do not have any experience with how to make money with mobile massage here is a nice article on the subject.


How do you make money from home that is not a 9 to 5 grinder, let us know? We could always highlight more ways here.

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