How to Make Money Holding Sign Advertisement

Money Holding Sign Advertisement

Money Holding Sign Advertisement

Many companies need advertising especially during holidays or that big sale. We have all seen them and even at tax time those people know how to make money holding sign advertisement for local business’s and big corporate chains too!

Who Can Make Money Holding Signs?

Anyone that has the ability to work outside and unsupervised flashing signs for any company. If you enjoy getting attention and bringing in customers, this national company will teach/train entrepreneurs to open up your own franchise.

What Companies Would Hire you to hold a Signs Up?

Every business can use more traffic,  from the local barber shop to big chains like Subway. The busy times of the year like tax season, Halloween or even Christmas can be a good time to negotiate with shops in your area. Once the season  or special event is over that’s it – right!

Learning How to  Make Money Holding Advertisement

Holding an sign out in the weather all day is probably not as easy as it sound. As with any other jobs there are tips and things to learn that can help you out. has a great article on how to make money holding signs.

How Much Money can Human Sign Advertisement Make?

If you work for someone else the pay seems to be between $8-$12 hour in the United States depending on location. If you have your own business the rate jumps to $20-$60 hour and can be all negotiated.

Not bad for just hanging around and learning how to make money!


Have a great day by sign – I mean design!

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