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Many people today are looking for an opportunity to make money online. If you have a knack for writing and want to make funds doing something you actually love, then you can earn your share of money by writing on Hirewrtiters.com.

Hirewriters is one of the few credible content mills that allow you to benefit from your writing skills. This website has been around since 2012 and has made its way among the popular content mills where businesses and bloggers can access writing services.


Freelance Writing

Before you can start earning as a freelancer on Hirewriters, you need to sign up with them. There is no writing test and you can start writing as soon as you complete the sign up process. Currently, the website only accepts writers from The USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Singapore.

Hirewriter has a ranking system that features four levels of writers. These are beginner, general, skilled and expert. Regardless of your writing ability, you will have to start out as a beginner.

However, you get an opportunity to move up the ranks as you complete projects and get favorable reviews from clients.


    Hirewriter Writing Advancement 

Unlike other content mills, it’s quite easy to advance in ranks on Hirewriters. To achieve general writer status, you need to complete 3 jobs and receive an average rating of 4.0 stars or more. Skilled writers need to complete 7 or more projects an average receive a rating of 4.1 stars or more.

Needless, to say, expert writers get the opportunity to make the most payment on this site. To qualify as an expert writer, you need to complete 12 projects and receive client ratings of 4.6 stars or higher.
Expert writers can make up to $10.66 for a 300-500 word article.
You can make a substantial income on a monthly basis on this site by selecting the higher paid jobs and completing the projects on time.
This means that if you create your articles quickly, the possibilities are endless.

One of the best perks of writing on this site is that clients can add you to their favorite writers list and send you projects on a consistent basis.

This saves you the time of searching the website for suitable projects. In addition, if a client is really pleased with your work, they may reward you with a bonus.Hire writers consistently pay their writers via PayPal every Friday. Once you complete your projects and your articles are accepted, you are guaranteed payment.

However, you need to have a balance of $10 in your account to qualify for a payout.


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If you want a consistent flow of income as a freelance writer, Hirewriters will help you to achieve that objective. Therefore, writing no longer has to be just a hobby as you can use this skill to get regular freelance work.

Why not sign up today and increase your earning potential.


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