Food truck – Cooking up some profits

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We all love to eat out new places, that’s why the food truck is taking the U.S. by storm! The hot dog push carts from the past –  just say “come a long way baby”. Now unique affordable gourmet cuisine is the norm and we love it.

Why we think a grub truck is a good investment that will only explode into the near future!

Food Truck History

KOGI BBQ back in 2008 started the culinary boom with mobile food vendor which has grown into an 650 million dollar industry. And the future looks bright with an 2.7 billion projected market over the next five years.  If you have a flare for cooking some great meals this might be worth checking out – just some food for thought!

Street food is only starting to catch on in the states, but has been around for many decades in other countries. Heavy regulations have stopped many in the past from cooking up some home cook truck profits.

But those days are fading as the younger generation sees the value with mobile meals on wheels!


Economics of a Mobile Restaurant

The industry has gown about 12% per year since 2008, which is good since the market is not saturated. Mobile feast vehicles make a average of $290,000 per year – with the meal around 10 bucks! We just love the unique chef creations that can come from these chuck wagons.

Thailand has some of the best street food we have ever tasted, hands down!

 More Chefs Buying Meal Trucks

With the cost of a new restaurant around $500,000  Chefs are looking towards cheaper solutions serving those yummy creations! The average cost of a new food truck is around $85,000 and a used one goes about $30,00, this opens the door to more people with entrepreneurial vision taking a chance! The more options the better we say.

The food truck revolution is just learning to walk, but like everything else will sprint into the future not looking back!

Will you take advantage of this new money making opportunity? Do you even eat from mobile food trucks?

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