Keep kids busy earning spending cash

 spending cash

Most parents spend more money in the summer time on their kids, keeping them busy with all those fun activities. So the next time your pride and joy say they are bored with nothing to do – teach them to earn some spending cash washing neighborhood cars.


Spending Cash for Summer Break

This reminds me of the time the girls surprised me, by baking cookies and selling them around the neighborhood for a charity at school. The theme is the same, but this time they get to keep the payoff for some summer spending money.

I love to give the girls a few dollars to buy what they want, but just ask they put half away in their savings. Learning some money & entrepreneur skills that they do not get in school could help your kids later in life.

Kids Washing Cars for spending cash

Who would not love their car cleaned right in the driveway! Kind of like mowing the grass, if the price is right I have no problem letting someone else do it – then the girls and I can do other stuff.

Washing cars can be something that does not require a lot of supplies or overhead to do and my girls love to play in the water anyways. Consumer Reports has a few good car washing tips to help you in washing vehicles. Plus if your children have enough patience to learn they can detail the inside and make more spending money!

Your kids are not going to start a business or even keep busy all summer washing cars. But like the neighborhood charity bake sale, they will learn the value of a dollar and make a little spending cash for themselves.

What are some things you have done with your children that will help them later in life? Let us know by leaving us a message below and share if you like!

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